NAILPROdigy: Daily Nail Art Designs

Sept 28 Stilettonailbar

Each weekday, Nailpro selects one gorgeous nail design from followers. Click through to see each day’s pick. »



*If you would like to enter, submit your original nail art photos to [email protected], or tag photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with hashtag #nailprodigy.

September 26: Luxe lavender mani by @stilettonailbar

Sept 28 Stilettonailbar

September 25: Sparkle tips by @shimmyy

Sept 25 Shimmyy

September 24: Amazing aquatic mani by @filochfix

Sept 24 Filochfix

September 23: Pretty boho mani from @natdhanails
Sept 23 Natdhanails

September 22: French ombre and gold sparkle by
Sept 22 Creations by j

September 21: Elegant colors by @nailsbysosso
Sept 21 Nailsbysosso

September 18: Pretty iridescent stone mani from @adoredollsparlour
Sept 18 Adoredollsparlour

September 17: Adorable strawberries courtesy of @ash_ann85
Sept 17 Ash Ann85

September 16: Mermaid mani from @rockstar.nails
Sept 16 Rockstar nails

September 15: Pink to white ombre and added bling by @victorianailz
Sept 15 Victorianailz

September 14: Glitter really perks up a nude mani! Nails by @insanenailsandmakeup.

Sept 14 Insanenailsandmakeup

September 11: Maybe our fave nails of all time by @celinaryden.


Sept 11 Celinaryden

September 10: Pink metallic mani by @sandrasnaglar.

Sept 10 Sandrasnaglar

September 9: Wonderland manicure by @badluckbarbie.

Sept 9 Badluckbarbie

September 8: Love warrior nails by @shimmyy.

Sept 8 Shimmyy

September 4: Support our troops! Nails by @leximartone.

Sept 4 Leximartone

September 3: Sharpie marble by @thenailgenius.

Sep 3 Thenailgenius

September 2: Regal purple by @kohokukkia

Sept 2 Kohokukkia


September 1: Mermaid mani from @candycoatednaildesign

Sept 1 Candycoatednaildesign

August 28: Ocean bling nails by @deadlynails.

Screen Shot 2015 08 28 At 11 13 11 Am

August 27: Pretty pale nails with a touch of sparkle by @celinarydenScreen Shot 2015 08 28 At 11 20 36 Am

August 26: A different look for each nail! Mani by @nailsbyfelicia.

Aug 26 Nailsbyfelicia

August 25: Mermaid mani by @insanenailsandmakeup!

Aug 25 Insanenailsandmakeup 0

August 24: Love this lilac color! Nails by @fabbys_nails.

Aug 24 Fabbys Nails

August 21: Pink and dazzling! Nails by @thenailistaproject.

Aug 21 Urbanluxfab

August 20: Paua shell nails by @deadlynailsScreen Shot 2015 08 20 At 6 36 50 Pm

August 19: Holographic nails by Anna Neroznak

10379835 766731296704762 1544856233116245862 O

August 18: Serious texture by @_i_candi!

Screen Shot 2015 08 18 At 6 42 26 Pm

August 17: Negative space mani by @_jsnailsJs Nails

August 14: Tropical one stroke flower by @sibelle_nails.

Aug 14 Sibelle Nails

August 13: Matte grey and pink tips via @shaydoesitbest100!

Aug 13 Shaydoesitbest100

August 12: Pretty under the sea mani from @kohokukkia!


Aug 12 Kohokukkia

August 11: Nude with a touch of metallic by @nailsbyjuicyj.

Aug 11 Nailsbyjuicyj

August 10: Try waking up to these adorable little guys! Nails by @beeqnails.

Aug 10 Beeqnails


August 7: Ibiza party nails by @samstudio5nails_lashes_hdbrows!

Aug 7 Samstudio5nails Lashes Hdbrows

August 6: Cute tribal by @chellys_nails.

Aug 6 Chellys Nails

August 5: Feathered rainbow color by @goteborgsnagelstudio.

Aug 5 Goteborgsnagelstudio

August 4: Teal and gold make the perfect summer combo! Nails by @celinaryden.

Aug 4 Celinaryden

August 3: Harry Potter manicure by @rosebnails!

Aug 3 Rosebnails

July 31: Hot air balloon mani from @maev85974.

July 31 Maev85974

July 30: Black doesn’t have to be blank! Mani by @kickart_nails.

July 30 Kickart Nails

July 29: The perfect summer mermaid pedicure by @parissnails.

July 29 Parissnails

July 28: Milky white embellished tips by @polishednails86.

July 28 Polishednails86

July 27: Love the French gradient! Nails by @thenailgenius.

July 27 Thenailgenius

July 24: Funky neon fingertips by @leximartone!

July 24 Leximartone

July 23: Pretty foil over nude by @blkhollywoodnatural!

July 23 Blkhollywoodnatural

July 22: Malibu manicure by @ldyshy.

July 22 Ldyshy

July 21: Anchors away with @the_nail_lounge_miramar.

July 21 The Nail Lounge Miramar

July 20: Pink and glitter by @millisnageldesign!

July 20 Millisnageldesign

July 17: Cotton candy colors from @victorianailz!

Jul 17 Victorianailz

July 16: Gel nails by @klor_med_bling.


Jul 16 Klor Med Bling

July 15: Pretty pink and green mani from @crystalbubbles.

Jul 15 Crystalbubbles

July 14: Pink sunset ombre by @cjnaglar.

Jul 14 Cjnaglar

July 13: Beach babe nails by @natashaharton.

Jul 13 Natashaharton

June 10: Blue ice nails by @princessgard.

Jul 10 Princessgard

July 9: 3-D embellished nails from @nails_by_alba.
Jul 9 Nails By Alba

July 8: Modern design by @notorious_nails_.
Jul 8 Notorious Nails

July 7: Galaxy nails from @dailynailspa!

Jul 7 Dailynailspa

July 6: Amazing work by @leximartone.

11375979 1623856544498290 464729725 N

July 3: Pretty design by @nailsbymarieb

11333593 1669297806624695 1384598003 N

July 2: Evil eyes by @vavavarnish.

11378615 483961101769875 2068884946 N

July 1: Classy nail art from @nailsbyvictor.

11378130 871784966242346 19798724 N 0

June 30: Beach mani by @swan_nails.

11374666 1064286140252907 824989221 N 0

June 29: Pink tips from @thepolishedperspective.

11379183 366351493575653 250427243 N 0

June 26: Geometric tips from @nailsbyjuicyj.

June 26 Nailsbyjuicyj

June 25: French bulldog nails from @toughasnails_sg.

June 25 Toughasnails Sg

June 24: Sunset nails from @sveanaglar.

June 24 Sveanaglar

June 23: Glitter manicure by @klor_med_bling.

June 23 Klor Med Bling 0

June 22: Marbled tips by @studioninetythree.

June 22 Studioninetythree

June 19: Sweet nude nails from @nailsbyivy.

June 19 Nailsbyivy

June 18: Pink striped set from @victorianailz.

June 18 Victorianailz

June 17: Shimmery nails from @nailmagician.

June 17 Nailmagician

June 16: Amazing sculpted fish by @winnieisawesome.

June 16 Winnieisawesome

June 15: Red and white from @nailsbylon.

June 15 Nailsbylon

June 12: Glitter and hot pink by @thenailroom_burleigh.

June 12 Thenailroom Burleigh

June 11: Ocean-y marbled effect by @luxenails215.

June 11 Luxenails215

June 10: Gold embossing by @swan_nails.

June 10 Swan Nails

June 9: Daisies and glitter pretty much guarentee pretty nails. These are from @leahsnailsxoxo.

June 9 Jessycanailz

June 8: Mermaid mani by @jessycanailz.

June 8 Jessycanailz

June 5: A hint of leopard print by @nailsbytiffanytorres.

June 5 Nailsbytiffanytorres

June 4: Rainbow gradient @nailsbyamber_slc.

June 4 Nailsbyamber Slc

June 3: Dotted floral nails by @adoredollsparlour!

June 3 Adoredollsparlour

June 2: Sharpie marble by @filochfix!

June2 Filochfix

June 1:

Watercolor effect by @aashleighm!

June 1 Aashleighm

May 29: Water marble by @letsnailmoscow!

May 29 Letsnailmoscow

May 28: Stripes over ombre by @klo.nails.

May 28 Klo nails

May 27: A classy mix of nude, black, and glitter by @millisnageldesign.

May 27 Millisnageldesign

May 26: @Rebeccasspa used Light Elegance!

May 26 Rebeccasspa

May 22: We love the combo of shell pink and apricot! Mani by @nailssbyalice.

May 22 Nailssbyalice

May 21: Neon and bows by @raquel_nails!

May 21 Raquel Nails

May 20: Grayscale agate, geode and marble Shellac designs on @ladyalayna‘s natural nails.

May 20 Ladyalayna

May 19: Orange tips by @nailsbyjuicyj.May 19 Nailsbyjuicyj

May 18: Floral tips by @mareea_mnails_.May 18 Mareea Mnails

May 15: @Winnieisawesome did an AWESOME job! She used Bio Seaweed Gel Highlight and Pool Party for the gradient.

May 15 Winnieisawesome

May 14: Stripes and studs make any manicure modern! Art by @iam_nailzbytyh.

May 14 Iam Nailzbytyh

May 13: Frida Kahlo nails created by @amivnails! Shared by @saintfrida.

May 13 Saintfrida

May 12: Time for Tigger! Manicure by @tipzbyjenn.

May 12 Tipzbyjenn

May 11: Completely regal nails done by @sveanaglar.

May 11 Sveanaglar

May 8: Bright orange beauties by @purjoinailstudio.

May 8 Purjoinailstudio

May 7: Modern lines and negative space done by @missexclusivenails.

May 7 Missexclusivenails

May 6: Classic marbled nails by @i_heart_nailart.

May 6 I Heart Nailart

May 5: Glitter and opulence from nail artist @brittney_fawn.

May 5 Brittney Fawn

May 4: A good excuse to play with negative space and studs. Try this mani design by @sarana_nails!

May 4 Sarana Nails

May 1: A tropical scene courtesy of @orchidnailsandspa!

May 1 Orchidnailsandspa

April 30: Gems and glitter by @victorianailz.

Apr 30 Victorianailz

April 29: Majestic purple jeweled glam nails by @beeqnails!

Purple Glam

April 28: @letsnailmoscow created this awesome turquoise marble nail look!Tuquoise Nails

April 27: Beautiful mix of colors by @studioava.

Apr 27 Studioava

April 24: A fairytale-like color scheme and fierce tips by @klor_med_bling.

Apr 24 Klor Med Bling

April 23: Classic beauty from @karmasalonspa.

Apr 23 Karmasalonspa

April 22: Nails like fairy wings by @jcnguyen88!

Apr 22 Jcnguyen88

April 21: So much sparkle! Mani by @annailco.

Apr 21 Annailco

April 20: Gorgeous glitter done by @shimmyy.

Apr 20 Shimmyy

April 17: Water color effect from @nails_by_trudy.

Apr 17 Nails By Trudy

April 16: Bright, orange, and ready for sand and surf! Mani by @edgy_nails.

Apr 16 Edgy Nails

April 15: Mermaid print by @bebebebebebe01.

Apr 15 Bebebebebebe01

April 14: Music festival nails are here! These are from @mistresspixtress.

Apr 14 Mistresspixtress

April 13: Superhero nails by super nail artist @celinaryden.

Apr 13 Celinaryden

April 10: A nail design everyone needs: pink partying flamingos! Props to @insanenailsandmakeup.

Apr 10 Insanenailsandmakeup

April 9: For your clients who need a tiara, try this look from @nails_by_ivy.

Apr 9 Nails By Ivy

April 8: Blue and purple watercolor nails from @dragonfly0717!

Apr 8 Dragonfly0717

April 7: Fairytale inspired by @princessgard.

Apr 7 Princessgard

April 6: Rad charms applied to nails by @sexxy_lil_nailz.

Apr 6 Sexxy Lil Nailz

April 3: 3-D charms and pieces from @fiina_naillounge!

Apr 3 Fiina Naillounge

April 2: The perfect turquoise and gold manicure by @nailedbynatalie.

Apr 2nailedbynatalie

April 1: Pastels and petals done by @maki_214.

Apr 1 Maki 214

March 31: Red and rhinestones! Sexy mani by @natashaharton.

Mar 31 Natashaharton

March 30: @Celinaryden used Light Elegance hard gels for this geometric manicure.

Mar 30 Celinaryden

March 27: A martini and a sip of nail art from @fernandanailart.

Mar 27 Fernandanailart

March 26: Busy nautical nails by @lala_nails_lounge.

Mar 26 Lala Nails Lounge

March 25: Happy hearts by @denvernails_niza.

Mar 25 Denvernails Niza

March 24: Blue and bling by @_tinti_.

Mar 24 Tinti

March 23: Lisa Frank inspired unicorns, rainbows and dolphins by @i_heart_nailart!Screen Shot 2015 03 23 At 4 47 21 Pm

March 20: Bright pink and blue nail stamping by @notorious_nails_.Neonstamping

March 19: No one can resist rainbow glitter! @Salongcyou used Light Elegance!

Mar 18 Salongcyou

March 18: Pink polka dot gel nails courtesy of @salongvstockholm.

Mar 18 Salongvstockholm

March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Manicure from @


Mar 17 Marileesnailart

March 16: So colorful! Sculpted flowers by @


Mar 16 Marynafiola

March 13: Cat nails? Um…yes! Mani by @


Mar 13 Exclusivelynailsbyjessica

March 12: All sparkly and ready to hit the beach! Nails by @


Mar 12 Cherylgerhardt

March 11: “Mama” nails from @nailsbyjuicyj!

Mar 10 Nailsbyjuicyj

March 10: Tribal print from @rillnails.

Mar 10 Rillnails

March 8: Decked out tips from @


Mar 9 Fiina Naillounge

March 6: Pretty ikat from @nailsbyvictor.

Mar 6 Nailsbyvictor

March 5: Colored foil nail art by @marie.nailart! (Reminds us of koi fish.)

Mar 4 Marie nailart

March 4: Marble and “water drop” mani by @nails_by_trudy.

See water drop tutorial »

See marble tutorial »

Mar 3 Nails By Trudy

March 3: Modern mani by @luxenails215!

Mar 2 Luxenails215

March 2: Silver foil mani by @celinarydenSilverfoilmani

February 27: All blinged out by @adoredollsparlour.

Feb 27 Adoredollsparlour

February 26: Chevrons on pointed tips by @thehautespot!

Feb 26 Thehautespot

February 25: Cool negative space by @nailsbyjuicyj!

Feb 25 Nailsbyjuicyj

February 24: Perfect spring pastels by @celinaryden!

Feb 24 Celinaryden

February 23: Love modern nail art! Awesome job by @kickart_nails.

Feb 23 Kickart Nails

February 20: Create manicures that distract. Nice work, @shimmyy!

Feb 20 Shimmyy

February 19: Happy Chinese New Year! Manicure by @shannonunderwoodnails.

Feb 19 Shannonunderwoodnails

February 18: Bubblegum pink and pretty blue by @nailsbysandrao.

Feb 18 Nailsbysandrao

February 17: Super detailed tips by @fiina_naillounge.

Feb 17 Fiina Naillounge

February 16: Simple and sophisticated nail art by @sveanaglar.

Sveanaglar 1

February 13: Amazing 3-D piece nails by @purjoinailstudio. For where to buy products like these, see this list.

Feb 13 Purjoinailstudio

February 12: Plump lips on pink tips! Nails by @celinaryden.

Feb 12 Celinaryden

February 11: @Nailsbymistyk used CND Shellac in Powder My Nose, Wildfire, Rose Brocade, Cream Puff, and Black Pool.

Feb 11 Nailsbymistyk

February 10: Red negative space by @goteborgsnagelstudio.

Feb 10 Goteborgsnagelstudio

February 9: Glitter gradient from @nailsbyjuicyj.

Feb 9 Nailsbyjuicyj

February 6: Icy glitter from @lucyfrank15.

Feb 6 Lucyfrank15

February 5: Grey and classic silver by @nailsbysandrao.

Feb 5 Nailsbysandrao

February 4: “Let’s play a love game.” Nails by @nailsby_jill.

Feb 3 Nailsby Jill

February 3: Love-ly! Nails by @ctnails_incartersville.

Feb 3 Ctnails Incartersville

February 2: Cotton candy pastels for Valentine’s Day! Nails by @so_nailicious.

So Nailicious 0

January 30: The coffin-shaped nail is taking over, beginning with this set by @kii_kii0.

Jan 30 Kii Kii0

January 29: Love this bedazzled French by @nailsbyivy.


January 28: This week, give the outlined nail trend a whirl. Art by @shimmyy.

Jan 29 Shimmyy

January 27: A mix of cool designs by @kickart_nails.

Jan 27 Kickart Nails

January 26: Watermelon and rhinestone digits from @adoredollsparlour.

Jan 26 Adoredollsparlour

January 23: Marbled blue nails by @gotnailsbycoco.

Jan 23 Gotnailsbycoco

January 22: Pink charms by @sakuranailsupply.

Jan 22 Sakuranailsupply

January 21: Stunning! Nails by @adoredollsparlour.

Jan 21 Adoredollsparlour

January 20: Glitter tips from @nailsbylilli.

Jan 20 Nailsbylilli

January 19: @Nailsbymiriamelizabeth1 did galaxy nails are per usual with blues and purples – but then added gold foil!

Jan 20 Nailsbymiriamelizabeth1

January 16: Subtle shadowy designs balance out over-the-top rhinestones! Nails by @celinaryden.

Jan 16 Celinaryden

January 15: Bridal manicure idea from @abbylarsson.

Jan 15 Abbylarsson

January 14: Rainbow glitter from @shinenaildesign!

Jan 14 Shinenaildesign

January 13: Bling and a quilted nail from @thehautespot. (See a quilted nail tutorial.)

Jan 13 Thehautespot

January 12: Pretty hot pink roses by @missgsnaillounge!

Jan 12 Missgsnaillounge

January 9: Amazing detail and stones from


Jan 9 Vivinails

January 8: Outlined nail art by @nailsbysimona.

Jan 7 Nailsbysimona

January 7: Sculpted acrylic nails with one stroke flower nail art by @kerry_benson_nail_artist. For how to paint a one stroke flower, see this tutorial.

Jan 8 Kerry Benson Nail Artist 0

January 6: Firework-inspired nails by @amandarath.

Jan 6 Amandarath

January 5: Pretty pink glitter makes the perfect backdrop on this mani by @sveanaglar.

Jan 5 Sveanaglar

December 31: Ombre yellow to blue by @goteborgsnagelstudio.

Dec 31 Goteborgsnagelstudio

December 30: Gold, gold, and more gold, please! Mani by @luxenails215.

Dec 30 Luxenails215

December 29: Tiffany blue tips from @


De 29 Sakura Nails

December 24: Black, red, and gold!

Nails by @fiina_naillounge.

Dec 24 Fiina Naillounge

December 23: Santa hat tips by @


Abbylarsson 0

December 22: Get nails ready for Christmas! Mani from @


Dec 22 Jamidnailsbyjami

December 19: Ice, ice, baby! Nails by @celinaryden.

Dec 19 Celinaryden


December 18: We’re dreaming of a pink Christmas! Nails by @



December 17: Pink, black, and bling by @


Tinti 0

December 16: A wild design by @elitenailsbyteresa.


December 15: Snowflakes everywhere! Nails from @nailed_by_melissa.

Nailed By Melissa

December 12: Hearts and ombre by @rosebnails

Dec 12 Rosebnails

December 11: Crazy festive tips by @klove0x.

Dec 11 Klove0x

December 10: 90s kid manicure by @katiescreativenails.

Dec 10 Katiescreativenails

December 9: Blingy purple tips from @nailsbydanielle!

Dec 9 Nailsbydanielle

December 8: Deck out those nails! Mani by @misslu23.

Dec 8 Misslu23

December 5: Snowy French by @luxenails215.

Dec 4 Luxenails215

December 4: It’s all in the details. Nails by @nailinkanail.
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December 3: Nail art from the future! Holographic is in-demand this season. Mani by @shimmyy.



Dec 3 Shimmyy

December 2: Irresistible snowman manicure by @nailsatprettyfingers.

Dec 2 Snowman Nails Nailsatprettyfingers

December 1: Swanky red florals as an accent by @dagmara_nails.

Dec 1 Red Flower Dagmara Nails

November 26: Tribal print from @nailsbyamber_slc.

Nov 26 Nailsbyamber Slc

November 25: Rad geometry by @kkat_at_vivinails.

Nov 25 Kkat At Vivinails

November 24: Autumn acrylic overlay by @nailsbyfelicia.
Nov 24 Nailsbyfelicia

November 21: Add some sparkle by @socorrol10747959 997885753560046 1155038785 N

November 20: Geometry lesson by @fiina_naillounge.928693 804376156291560 1228809362 N

November 19: Better than pumpkin spice lattes, we think. Nails by @sarahp898.

Nov 18 Sarahp898

November 18: Glorious, shiny floral nails by @letsnailmoscow.


November 15: 3-D rhinestone flower by @fiina_naillounge.

Nov 17 Fima

November 14: Red stones set by @nailsbyelectra.

Nov 13 Nailsbyelectra

November 13: Negative space chverons by @luxenails215.

Nov 13 Luxenails215

November 12: Las Vegas, baby! Manicure by @kritz_jammin_nails.

Nov 12 Kritz Jammin Nails

November 11: A fall glitter extravaganza by @cjnaglar!

Nov 11 Cjnaglar

November 10: Chic manicure for fall from @nailsbyjuicyj.

Nov 10 Nailsbyjuicyj

November 7: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by @luxenails215!

Nov 7 Luxenails215

November 6: Electric flowers by @i_heart_nailart.

Nov 6 I Heart Nailart

November 5: Black, white, and marbled all over by @celinaryden!

Nov 5 Celinaryden

November 4: This earthy green is great for those with an olive skin tone! Nails by @goteborgsnagelstudio.

Nov 4 Goteborgsnagelstudio

November 3: For those who need a dose of pink! Manicure from @twinznails.

Nov 3 Twinznails

October 31: Are you dressed up today? These Alice in Wonderland nails by @rick_nailsbymales are in full costume!

31 Rick Nailsbymales

October 30: Maleficent-inspired talons by @getbuffednails!

Oct 30 Getbuffednails

October 29: Because every manicure needs rhinestones. Nails from @thehautespot.

Oct 29 Thehautespot

October 28: Gorgeous galaxy nails from @nailsbyjuicyj.

Oct 28 Nailsbyjuicyj

October 27: For all your How I Met Your Mother fans out there! Barney Stinson tips by @jstromkjellgren.

Oct 27 Jstromkjellgren

October 24: Nude geometric design from @nailsbymistyk.

Oct 24 Nailsbymistyk

October 23: Sculpted acrylic flowers by @tamera66 make for an adorable accent.

Oct 23 Tamera66

October 22: Long violet nails look gorgeous alongside gold foil. Design by @joannasnails.

Oct 22 Joannasnails

October 21: Gel nails with a matte effect by @salongvingarochklor.

Oct 21 Salongvingarochklor

October 20: Ice cream is irresistible any time of year! Try the

Sa Bra Fb

August 15: Stunning nail design by Luxe Nails!Luxenails Beautifulbutterflies

August 14: Beautiful butterflies by Jennifer Tittlies from Color Your Nails!

August 13: French tips with a twist by Sensual Nails by Nancy!Sensualnails

August 12: Majesty nails by Mayra CarvajalMajestynails

August 11: These nails by Natsuko Ichiyama have us dreaming of the ocean breeze.Beachnails

August 8: City girl sparkle by Nagelstudio Nails by Andrea.

Aug 8 Nagelstudio Nails By Andrea

August 7: S-s-sultry nails by Val Elvira Versini!

Aug 7 Val Elvira Versini Fb

August 6: Pinup girl nails in all shapes and sizes by Patricia Lima-Estilista de Unhas de Gel.

Aug 6 Patricia Lima

August 5: Pimp Your Nails By Sylvia shows off textured tips!

Aug 5 Pimp Your Nails By Sylvia Fb

August 4: Rodica Goncear designed long, strong nails with a one stroke flower as an accent.

Aug 4 Rodica Goncear Fb

August 1: Soft, ethereal colors! Nails by Luxe Nails.

Aug 1 Luxenails Fb

July 31: Nail art doesn’t have to be 3-D to pop! Manicure by Igaki Izuki from Salon M.July 31 Salon M Fb

June 30: Blue and glitter with a Tiffany-esque accent nail. Manicure by Angela Petteruti? of Angoli Nails.

July 30 Angoli

July 29: Edgy tribal for the modern woman from @nailsbyjuicyj!

July 28 Nailsbyjuicyj

July 28: Top off nails with something sweet – like Elizabeth of @itsmystyle22.


July 25: Comic-Con weekend is the perfect time for superhero nails! Manicure by @jstromkjellgren.

July 25 Jstromkjellgren

July 24: Totally decked-out talons from @zi_nails.

July 24 Zi Nails

July 23: A horizontal gradient and gold shimmer remind us of the beach! Manicure by @10thstorynails.

July 23 10thstorynails

July 22: Tangerine packs a juicy punch! Nails by @sveanaglar.

July 22 Sveanaglar

July 21: A clean leopard print mani-pedi by @denisebourne22!

July 21 Denisebourne22

July 18: The summer season is perfect for trying out new designs. Here, a few from @nailsbymiriamelizabeth1.

July 18 Nailsbymiriamelizabeth1

July 17: Have you ever mixed negative space with ombre? Try this style by @shannonunderwoodnails.


July 16: Bow charms make a cute final touch! Nails by @beeqnails.


July 15: Betsey Johnson couldn’t do it better! Nails by @janawarnke.


July 14: Fabulous foil lights up this manicure by @pinksugarnaildesign.


July 11: Rad nails by @nailsculptress – just in time for the weekend!

July 11 Nailsculptress

July 10: Pastels and prints will always be a favorite combination. Check out these by @shannonunderwoodnails.

July 11 Shannonunderwoodnails2

July 9: This silver glitter is amazing. Nails by @sarahssnaglar.

July 9 Sarahssnaglar

July 8: Fall in love with florals this summer. Try out this design from @10thstorynails on your clients.

July 10thstorynails

July 7: Pink on point! Manicure by @nailsbydanielle.

July 7 Nailsbydanielle

July 4: Red, gold, and blue for Independence Day from @instanailsbydanny!

July 4 Instanailsbydanny

July 2: Pointed tips were practically made for ice cream nail art! Nails by @thehautespot.

July 2 Thehautespot

July 1: Short, shimmering apricot tips from @nailsbymiriamelizabeth1.

July 1 Nailsbymiriamelizabeth1

June 30: Hints of violet and butterfly tips by @sveanaglar.

June 30 Sveanaglar

June 27: Now if only some strapping young sailors came with this mani by @goteborgsnagelstudio!

June 27 Goteborgsnagelstudio

June 26: Every little girl needs a Minnie manicure! Art by @nailsbyeiramesoram.

June 26 Nailsbyeiramesoram

June 25: Take a mini-vacation with these gel polish tips. Note – the sand and surf backdrop is done with your basic

5e9aa062677611e397c91214db85cd40 8 0

Dec 17: ‘Tis the season to sculpt! These 3-D tips were done by Instagram’s @zi_nails.

Dec 17th Zi Nails

Dec. 16: These delicate mismatched tips were painted by Instagram’s @ny_to.

Ny To

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