Tips for Nail Technicians: How to Keep Customers Satisfied

Do you have the job of your dreams?

If so, then you are making the right decision for your life, because if you work tirelessly and with passion, and do not focus only on earning, you will make your life more attractive. This is the case when you have customers who appreciate your work and strive to satisfy them with your service.

Here are some tips and tricks for nail technicians to boost customer satisfaction for regular and new clients. 

The Impact of Happy Customers

Happy clients will impact your business in a multitude of ways:

  • A roster of satisfied customers will positively affect the growth of your business.
  • Happy customers save money and time, as it costs more to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones.
  • Happy customers are less likely to visit your competition. 
  • Customer satisfaction influences business and product decisions.
  • Positive word of mouth helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • A satisfied customer will return for new nail models, offers and other news, positively impacting your brand presence.

According to studies, 59% of customers leave a company after several bad experiences, and 17% leave after a single bad experience. Be sure to provide quality service and keep your customers satisfied.

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 How To Improve Client Satisfaction

1. Greet Customers 

People want to be treated well and friendly and receive the services they want to use. Therefore, wait with a warm greeting and courtesy, with a warm smile and eye contact. Don't just treat customers as numbers, this will increase customer satisfaction.

2. Don’t Keep Clients Waiting

Has it ever happened to you that you had to wait a long time for a service and that annoyed you? If so, don't do the same to your customers, don't make them wait. If the wait cannot be avoided, let the customer know the length of the delay and offer them a coffee or other drink, as this will make the customer happier.

3. Stay Organized and In-Stock

Having enough nail supplies in stock is a very important aspect, first for yourself because you have to work with them, and then for your clients, because if the client comes in for a service and then you find that something is missing from the stock, you will damage yourself and the client will be upset. So make sure to organize everything in your nail salon, from the nail products to the paper towels.

4. Make Cleanliness a Priority

Cleanliness should be a priority in your strategy because people want to see everything in order, both with every service they use and when they get their nails done.

5. Stay Active on Social Media

People want to be kept up to date with the latest news, models, and other things, so you should be very active with your posts. A good digital marketing strategy will help your business keep customers informed, and this will also affect your brand in the search engines, as ranking in Google and other search engines are very important and directly affect the success of your business.

 6. Consider Colloborating

When you work with a company that offers various forms of support for your customers, you will have more satisfied customers. Some of the services these companies offer include great phone, text, email, and live chat support that will help keep your customers happy and reinforce your brand identity! But why should you work with these companies? Since these companies are very professional, they know exactly what to include in your services and they offer services in different languages, therefore business customer service has many advantages.

 7. Offer Occasional Discounts

 If you offer discounts, you will make your customers happier. So pay attention to this point and make sure that you practice the discounts in your business, you can also offer special discounts for your loyal customers or discounts in general.


Whether you are a business that offers products or a business that offers services, or both, you should strive to keep your customers happy. Therefore, follow some of the tips and tricks to make them happy, such as: Greeting them, offering discounts, informing them about the latest news or discounts on social media or websites, keep things organized and clean. If you follow the above tips, you can benefit a lot, but you can also work with a company that offers customer support, and you will affect customer satisfaction even more. 

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