7 Coachella Nail Looks

This year, the Coachella nail looks were all about maximalism. We are breaking down seven of our favorite looks of the first weekend of the music festival.
This year, the Coachella nail looks were all about maximalism. We are breaking down seven of our favorite looks of the first weekend of the music festival.
Image from illustrissima via Adobe Stock

Coachella has officially kicked off the start of festival season! 

If you're a music lover like myself, Coachella is a dream event to hear the best and up-in-coming in music perform live all in one place across several stages in the California desert. If you aren't the biggest fan of the music, this is also a defining space for beauty, with summer's trends emerging from the iconic festival looks sported by attendees. 

Of course, our eyes were on the nail looks for the first weekend of the festival, and there's a recurring theme among all of them: maximalism. Attendees played with colors, patterns, texture and more for plenty of unique and defining looks. Here, we break down several of our favorite nail designs from the event. 

Silver Chrome 

Chrome is a trend that isn't going anywhere (which is why we also made it one of our Nailpro Master Challenge competitions for this year). It's sleek, elegant and pairs well with current Y2K fashion trends (both grunge and clean girl aesthetics). Chrome has also gained more popularity recently because of Hailey Bieber's glazed donut manicure, created by Zola Ganzorigt (@nailsbyzola). 

So, it's no surprise that same manicurist brought chrome to the Coachella stage with Sabrina Carpenter's nail look. 

Ganzorigt created a sleek and sophisticated silver chrome manicure with a nude accent nail that featured a silver chrome heart. This was a perfect touch to compliment Carpenter's outfit for the Coachella stage, which featured a metallic leopard print jacket, silvery rhinestone top with fringe and a nude mini-skirt with leopard charms around the beltline. 

Glow in the Dark Nails 

Speaking of Hailey Bieber, the nail trendsetter rocked an electric turquoise manicure, also by Ganzorigt. While glow in the dark nails are traditionally popular around Halloween, we couldn't think of a better opportunity for glowing nails than a night-time concert/festival. 

The turquoise color is also the perfect pop to signal the start of summer. For your clients that want a fun look but aren't too adventurous, this could be an option for them! 

Aura Nails 

Aura nails are one of the more popular nail trends at the moment, offering plenty of options for customization and playing with color. Aura nails feature a burst of a diffused color starting from the center of the nail. The term aura comes from the colorful electromagnetic field that surrounds a person's body and can describe their energy. 

Bebe Rexha took the Coachella stage and sported a dimensional, galaxy-inspired aura nail set by Nin (@sreyninpeng). While aura nails are known for using pastel colors, Nin opted for a darker, heavy set look, with the outside of the nail lined with a silver chrome finish. 

Gothic Nails 

Grunge is back, as part of the '90s and Y2K beauty trends that are making their reemergence. Gen Z has developed a passion for thrifting and subculture. They've also been looking for clothes that emphasize comfort, such flannels, baggy jeans, distressed knitwear, beanies and combat boots. To offset the laid back look, grunge nails are all about being extra. One of the ways grunge has found its way into nail trends is through gothic lettering, like the nail look Vanessa Hudgens sported for her bachelorette party last fall. 

Grunge/rock also so a revival at Coachella with No Doubt having a reunion and bringing Olivia Rodrigo on stage.

Eri Ishizu (@eriishizu) created Gwen Stefani's manicure for Coachella. Stefani sported a gothic manicure with lettering spelling "No Doubt." The look also featured yellow, black, white and red French tips that matched Stefani's outfit for the event, 3D heart charms and silver gem/rhinestones. 

Rodrigo also sported a traditional all black manicure, a staple gothic nail look. 

Rhinestone Nails 

While minimalism and clean girl nail looks were a prevalent nail trend last year, this year is all about the glam! One of the defining traits of the Y2K beauty trends making a comeback is maximalism. The best way to go all out is with rhinestones and gems

Charli D'Amelio sported a blinged out nails at Coachella featuring an array of silver stones, with some in the shape of stars or hearts. Nail artist Brittney Boyce (@nails_of_la) created the look. 

For more of a pop of color, nail artist Britney Tokyo (@britneytokyo) created a nail look with a shimmery pink base. One hand featured nails covered in colorful heart and stone charms, while the other had different colored, large gummy bear charms with a heart on the tummy. 

Star Nails 

With the recent eclipse, people are turning towards space, galaxy and out of this world nail looks. Stars are an easy way to add flair to a look, as there are countless ways to go about approaching the trend. 

Nail artist Saccia (@sacciadidthat) created a colorful, dimensional starry manicure with a for Coi Leray's debut Coachella performance that also included silver rhinestones. 

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