Guest Editor: Ask Jackie Truong, Director of Education for LeChat

Jackie TruongDirector of Education for LeChat, Jackie Truong

Q: I don’t get to go to a lot of shows, so it’s hard to get to classes. Does LeChat offer continuing education outside of the trade shows? —Amy Greene, via email
A: We have distributors around the country and around the world that host free classes and demos of our latest products. We send a highly skilled nail artist from our education team to lead the classes and teach not only how to use the product, but also how to create nail art with the product as well. We host giveaways and offer deals, which are fantastic added bonuses. You can find the class calendar on our website at

Q:I feel like my clients aren’t as excited about chrome as they used to be, but I still have my Mirano Pigment kit that I want to use. Do you have any new nail art design ideas that I can try? —Sammi Judge, via email
A: Nail art ideas for chrome are endless! Experiment with the base colors and the different Mirano pigments to create unique color combinations. For example, you can create rose gold chrome by painting the nails bright pink first before applying Chroma (silver Mirano pigment). Or, paint an ombré gel design on the nail and then apply Mirano pigment on top for a beautiful mirror-like effect.
Another idea is to be strategic about where you apply Mirano Top Gel Sealer for designs. After you’ve finished applying the pigment to the nail, use the Dual Sided Tool Lining and Dotter and Top Gel Sealer to paint a design over the pigment. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED/UV lamp, and then use cleanser and a lint-free wipe to reveal the chrome design. Visit the LeChat YouTube channel to see this technique in action. Finally, when it comes to achieving brilliant results, it’s important to use the Mirano products with the Mirano system; it makes a dramatic difference in the quality of your nail art.

Q:I’m getting ready to stock up on product. What are the colors that I need to have for this winter/spring? —Janice Maloney, via email
A: I recommend stocking up on the Perfect Match Mood Gel Polishes this winter; clients will be fascinated by the dramatic changes in color due to variations in temperature. For example, a client’s nails will change color when she holds a cup of hot chocolate after she steps inside on a chilly day. Muted colors are also making their way into trends for spring. People are opting for less bright and flashy colors, and are instead gravitating towards a softer palette. As always, nude colors are going to be in no matter what the season.

This is Jackie’s last month as Guest Editor of NAILPRO, check back in our February 2018 issue for a new Guest Editor.

This article was originally published in the January 2018 issue of NAILPRO.

[Images courtesy of Jackie Truong]

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