Light Up Your World With Madam Glam Firefly

chest to chest

Looking for the perfect combination between a discreet glitter and a smooth crème? Madam Glam’s Firefly gel collection covers all the bases, creating a luminous shade that carries a sheen through the night.

Madam Glam’s Firefly collection includes six shades that are both creamy and glistening. From a fiery red to a cool blue as well as a vibrant magenta, there’s a color for anyone’s needs.

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Included in the Firefly Collection:

Test Yourself Image 2 1


City Of Hope Nails

Captain My Captain


Chest To Chest

Celestial Lovebirds Step4

Florida Vibes

Makea Wish Step4

King’s Choice

Milky Way Step4

Now We Are Talking

What do you think of this sparkling collection? Let us know in the comments below, and then read about Madam Glam’s Milk Tea collection!

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