Nail Glam for Kids


When you think of your clients, don’t forget the little people! Children may not be the most patient people, but a wee one every now and again can mix up your routine. Relax, have a little fun, and make sure they wipe the Oreo crumbs off their fingers before starting. Click to see manis and pedis other techs have done for kids. »
[image: Gina Noble]
Brandijenson 1
Brandi Jensen: “I love the fun you can have with bright colors on kids and seeing how excited they are to go show their friends!”
Tasha 1
Tashia Herrera: “Don’t pressure your girls into getting their nails done if they’re not into it. I know all mommies want to treat their kids, you end up making the experience harder than it needs to. IF they want it, they’ll do it. I get all sorts. I find the babies that want their nails done the most will not move or object. Time is IMMINENT. Have your stuff ready to go. If the kiddos want to talk about dinosaurs, have your facts ready. The best nail appointment is one where you are engaged with the child. Have fun all!”
Shelly Griffin 1
Shelly Griffin, Shellys Nail Network: “My little tip to share is once you have polished one hand and are working on the other put the “drying” hand on an incline so she can see it, but with a nail file on the top of her hand and tell her to keep hand still so file doesn’t fall off. Some of my little ones sit still better than my grown up clients!”
Shannon 0
Shannon Fitzgerald, In Sync Hair and Body Works in Fort Lauderdale, FL: “This is my favorite costumer, my 4 year old, Donna. I get to try out all my creativity on her. Kids are perfect to practice new ideas on because they’re generally thrilled with anything, and absolutely ecstatic about it!”
Felice 0
Felice Gant: “Mom and daughter sets . Keep them smiling and talking to you. Little girls love to feel like big girls while having a service done. I love hearing their stories.”
Morag 0
Morag Donohoe: “I do kiddie parties… They love getting cute nails!”
Erin 0
Erin Dziados, Studio 2 Family Day Spa in Otisville, NY: “My spa is dedicated to the entire family and we catered to everyone. The biggest thing for little kiddie spa services is to make each of them feel special. We provide each little client with a fluffy bathrobe, a drink of their choice, we ask them what scent of hand soak they would like from the scent bar along with their choice of scented lotion…The best part of having the kids come in is we get to have some fun conversations with them. They usually spill the beans about anything they are thinking and it’s always a blast!”
Tash 0
Tash Rousseau: “Talk to distract them from moving. This little one was three.”
Gail Rauth: “A big thing is to give her breaks every couple of nails to get a sip of drink and if possible put on something she can watch while working. This helps with antsy-ness (as I call the boredom).”
Emily Martin, Nail Bar in Dallas, TX: “Keep them busy with questions. Ask them anything and most likely they will give more of an answer!! Ask about who their best friend is or what their favorite color is. What do they like to do in and out of school? Have they gone on any new vacations?”
Alice Crammer: “I think she was 7 or 8 going to Disney[world] for vacation; [I used] Vinylux.”
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