Lily Allen’s Dramatic Rhinestone Manicure

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It takes a team to get a pop star ready for a show. Leading up to Lily Allen’s graceful appearance on stage in a very side-boob revealing shirt, the star was essentially “sewn in” to her outfit by hair and makeup artist
Ali Pirzadeh, got her strands braided into a quirky updo, and had her nails bedecked with gorgeous stones.

Screen Shot 2014 04 03 At 3 56 38 Pm
Though we’ve seen cute nail designs on celebs before, it’s always Lily who takes it above and beyond. She donned a whole range of jewels in an array of colors on her stiletto tips, a look that isn’t for the timid. Props to Lily for pulling all of it off flawlessly!

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[Images: Instagram @lilyallen]

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