Salon Appliques


Salon and manicure apps prove to be helpful gadgets that assist indecisive clients, introduce new trends and even organize your business. Here are five apps you should know:

1. Personal Salon Assistant
Get organized with the salon app that has achieved the highest user rating since December 2009. It includes tools to help you manage your clients, appointments, products, service and point-of-sale.  

2. Dress Up and Makeup: Manicure
Your clients can create hundreds of nail combinations with this game. Choose from polishes, skin tones, nail art, decals, gems and more.  Looks can even be accessorized with dazzling rings!

3. OPI Application
This app offers an easy, free way to browse and search over 200 OPI nail lacquer shades.  The Try It On Color Studio provides a look at current OPI shades and incorporates retired shades, allowing users to view past favorites and information about the year the hues were retired.

4. Wedding Nails 1.0
Wedding Nails 1.0 helps brides find their ideal wedding manicure. The app allows brides to try out different manicures without costing them a fortune.  They can even pair the manicure with their dream ring.

5. Nail Art Catalog
The Nail Art Catalog is full of popular Japanese nail art and hairstyles specially selected from the nail art & hairstyle section of Japan’s “Beauty Collection” beauty portal.

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