How-To: 3 Fall Abstract Nail Art Sets

Nail tutorial courtesy of @melsgelnails.
Nail tutorial courtesy of @melsgelnails.

Melanie Bosch and Elizabeth Mericle, Light Elegance brand ambassador and educator (respectively), have come up with three fall how-tos. 

Inspired by The WhoDunIt? collection from Light Elegance, these looks will have you ready for the changing season. 


Elizabeth Mericle - @mericlenails

Fall Abstract Fall abstract nail tutorial courtesy of @mericlenails.Fall abstract nail tutorial courtesy of @mericlenails.

  1. Apply an oval shape on the tip of the nail with a gray colored polish.
  2. Apply a wavy line with a blue/green color. 
  3. With a dotting tool, apply clusters of dots with a black color.
  4. Apply a matte top coat to finish. 

Melanie Bosch - @melsgelnails 

Fall Abstract (Featured Photo Set)

  1. Start with a light pink building base gel. 
  2. Apply a gray, dark purple and blue/green color on the lower half of the nail.
  3. Using a stripy brush, pull lines upward to ombre the colors, and cure.
  4. Add a large line of white UV/LED color gel, and cure. 
  5. Using a swirly brush, apply irregular shaped dots of a brick red color, then cure. 
  6. Apply a flat matte top coat, and cure.

Layered nail tutorial courtesy of @mericlenails.Layered nail tutorial courtesy of @mericlenails.

Elizabeth Mericle - @mericlenails 


  1. Apply a gray colored polish at the cuticle and pull down all the excess product down the nail.
  2. Do the same thing with a fuchsia pink color, but leave a space so you can still see the previous color.
  3. Repeat again with a plum purple color.
  4. Apply the same plum purple color with a dotting tool on the gray color by the cuticle. 
  5. Finish with a top coat.
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