CND Artist Shelena Robinson Shares What Inspires Her Daily

A CND education ambassador since 1998 and member of Team CND since 2004, Shelena Robinson is a key part of the brand’s creative design team. From runways to editorial shoots, she is known for constructing innovative nail designs utilizing unique and out-of-the-box techniques. The cornerstone of Robinson’s success, however, is education, and she encourages nail pros to focus on learning, professionalism and safety in the beauty industry as a basis for growing their individuality and creativity. She is a lover of art and collaboration, architecture and design. Read on to discover what inspires her on the daily.

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“Working with like-minded artists is the most inspiring thing I
do. When each individual brings her own
unique and amazing talent to the table, you’re sure to learn something new and walk away from the experience feeling inspired.”


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Avant Garde Makeup

“I love things that trick the eye into seeing something completely different than what you’re actually looking at. It’s fun to try to decipher the journey the artist went on to get to the final look, as well as find new ways to adapt techniques into your own personal style.”


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“Dame Zaha Hadid is one of my favorite architects. I love her expressive designs; they’re so unique and fluid. They combine an avant-garde approach with multiple perspective points. She often utilizes groundbreaking materials to create designs that are stunningly interesting and beautiful to look at.”

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CND Shellac

“This product’s unique properties allow me to unleash my creative side, from simple foil and glitter to intricate hand-painted designs to over-the-top 3-D creations. It’s such a versatile product, and the technology behind it is so inspiring.”


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“Depending on my mood or current artist inspiration, I always
find a creative takeaway, whether it’s color, technique or use of texture. Foundational color and technique always adapt well to nails.”

—by Stephanie Yaggy Lavery

[Images: Courtesy CND]

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