Test Yourself February 2019: Beau’s Lines



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Welcome to your Beau’s Lines Quiz

1. Broadly, Beau’s lines are caused by _________.

2. Beau’s lines were first described by a French doctor in the 1920s.

3. Nails typically grow _________.

4. If nail techs suspect they see Beau’s lines on a client, they should tell the client that the cause might be heart or thyroid disease.

5. Beau’s lines should go away _________.

6. Beau’s lines can signify underlying Thyroid problems.

7. Doctors say that Beau’s lines are kind of like _________.

8. A _________ deficiency sometimes causes Beau’s lines.

9. Beau’s lines are contagious, so nail techs should refuse service if they see them.

10. If clients wish to see a doctor about their Beau’s lines, nail techs should avoid covering the nails with lacquer or enhancements because _________.

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