Guest Editor: Ask Jackie Truong, Director of Education for LeChat

Jackie TruongDirector of Education for LeChat, Jackie Truong

Q: I just started competing and saw that LeChat has a team. How can I join? —Denise Rodgers, via email

A: To join the LeChat competition team, you must first be an avid user and advocate of LeChat products. The next step is to join our team of educators, train at our headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area and become well-versed in all of the LeChat brands. After that, if you’re interesting in the competition space, you will work closely with the international competition contingent of educators and sharpen your skills with them. If you’d like more information about joining the LeChat education team, you can send inquiries to [email protected].

Q: Do you have any suggestions for achieving a “rough concrete” look with a matte silver tone? It’s very avant-garde, but it looks amazing when the texture is even and fine. —Leah Calabra, via Instagram

A: All of our product lines are designed to work well together so you can achieve your very best nail art look. To create a concrete design, use acrylic on the nail for that “roughed up” look, and then paint over that with your choice of Perfect Match in silver. That paired with Matte Top Gel Sealer will come together nicely for an avant-garde style.

Q: I’m struggling to remove dipping powder from my clients’ nails. I don’t want to pry them off or be too rough. Do you have any suggestions for making it easier? —Ann Lee, via email

A: I really don’t recommend you pry any product off because that will damage your clients’ nails. My suggestion for any soak-off system is to first remove the bulk of the product by thinning it down with a hand file or e-file very carefully, and then soak off the remaining product with removal wraps for 5 to 10 minutes. While the nails are soaking, don’t keep opening and closing the wraps because the product will evaporate and the soaking process will take even longer. When it comes to a soak-off product removal, being patient and gentle is the key to success.

Q: What does it take to become an educator? —Sandy Boyle, via email

A: Every educator must have a full knowledge of nails, including prior use of the product s/he wants to teach. LeChat educators must have a willingness to learn and fully believe in the product they are teaching. Most of all, educators should speak with conviction and have passion and patience for teaching.

Jackie will be our guest editor for the month of January, if you have questions for Jackie email them to [email protected]!

–Dina Ciccarelli

This article was originally published in the December 2017 issue of NAILPRO.

[Image courtesy of Jackie Truong]

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