Top 10 Ways to Find Nail Tech Jobs

Pink&Whites-forms-NPPas20131. Call the busiest professional beauty supplier in your area and ask which salons they prefer.

2. Network with other nail techs.

3. Hit the pavement! Walk around desired areas of your neighborhood and pop into salons that look appealing to you.

4. Perform Google and Yelp searches for popular salons in your area.

5. Peruse the Savvy Salon column in NAILPRO; sometimes the featured salons are looking to hire.

6. Stop people you see with beautiful nails and ask them where they go.

7. Consider inquiring at the salon where you get your hair done.

8. Check out sites, such as Craigslist, Indeed, or Simply Hired.

9. Cosmetology schools will sometimes have a list of salons looking for new nail techs.

10. Follow your favorite salons on Instagram. Check their updates frequently to see if they post anything about job openings – or the email address (if provided) in their Instagram bio to message them directly and inquire whether they are hiring.


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