5 Nail Trends at the 2024 Met Gala

Nailpro is rounding up the major nail styles sported at this year's Met Gala, so you can anticipate what trends are on the horizon for Spring/Summer 2024.
Nailpro is rounding up the major nail styles sported at this year's Met Gala, so you can anticipate what trends are on the horizon for Spring/Summer 2024.
Courtesy of Eri Ishizu, Nin and Thuy Nguyen

The dress code for this year's Met Gala was "The Garden of Time." 

Based off of the book by J. G. Ballard, "The Garden of Time" focuses on two aristocrats trying to stop the passage of time using time flowers to avoid being overrun by commonwealth rapidly approaching their villa. With this very topical and relevant theme in mind, there's plenty of opportunities for creative exploration; however, there's likely going to be some commonalities among the looks, especially when it comes to nail trends. 

We've looked through some of the show-stopping and defining nail looks of the night to round up five key trends sported at the 2024 Met Gala, so you can anticipate what nail trends are on the horizon for Spring/Summer 2024. 

Floral Nails 

With a theme like "Garden of Time," it's no surprise that floral nail designs were highly prevalent at this year's Met Gala. Thankfully, there's plenty of room for creativity when it comes to incorporating florals into nail art. 

Manicurist Melanie Shengaris (@painted_lolly) used rose and leaf charms on Dove Cameron's nude nails to create a textured and 3D nail look.

Nail Artist Eri Ishizu (@eriishizu) opted to created 3D sculpted floral nail art for Lizzo and Ayo Edebiri — Lizzo sported 3D glass floral nails on a nude base, while Edebiri sported a more abstract look that featured dry flowers, pearls, studs and sculpted 3D flowers. Nail artist Mei Kawajiri (@nailsbymei) also went for a sculpted floral look for Gigi Hadid, creating yellow hand sculpted 3D roses on a classic French base. 

For a more subtle look, manicurist Tom Bachik (@tombachik) handpainted a mini white rose on Lauren Sanchez's little finger "to add a little bit of extra personality" to her pink glass slipper manicure. 

A stand out of the night, undoubtedly, was Cynthia Erivo's encapsulated floral nails, created by nail tech Rose Hackle (@rosedoesmynails). The look featured an acrylic base with natural earth elements — dried beetles, succulents and rose petals with gold flakes — added directly to the nail. 

Nude Nails 

While it seems like nail trends this year tend to be favoring maximalist looks, plenty of stars at the Met Gala sported simple, nude manicures. It makes sense when you consider how opulent the attire is at the Met Gala. For celebrities wearing elegant, show stopping dresses and tuxes, it makes sense to chose a clean, simple manicure.

Zola Ganzorigt (@nailsbyzola) opted for a clean girl mani for Madelyn Cline, who sported a nude dress with 3D floral details. Similarly, Zoe Saldana also wore a nude dress, so Mo Qin (@ohmynailsnyc) created a simple nude manicure to match!

Ballerina pink was also used to add a little bit pop of color to a simple nude mani, which Betina Goldstein (@betina_goldstein) chose to do for Lily James and Camila Morrone. 

There's plenty of ways, though, to add some fun to a nude manicure! 

Diem Truong (@nailsbydiem) added some simple accent rhinestones/gemstones to Kerry Washington's nude manicure. Ashlie Johnson (@ashlie_johnson) did the same for Brie Larson, who sported a lavender toned nails. 

For a more statement look, Thuy Nguyen (@thuybnguyen) added the same black lace included on Emma Chamberlain's Jean Paul Gaultier dress to her taupe nails. 

The most on-theme nude nail look of the evening has to go to Coca Michelle (@cocamichelle), who created a nude manicure with faceted crystals for Tyla. The look makes a nod to the singer's debut single "Water" with the chains on the nails flowing to end in a crystal-like raindrop. It also complimented Tyla's Balmain gown, which was made of sculpted sand. The singer also carried a sand-filled hour-glass as she walked the red carpet. We couldn't think of a more show-stopping look that fits the theme of this year's Met Gala. 

Jelly Nails 

Y2K nail trends had to find their way somehow into this year's Met Gala. They did so through jelly nails, which pay homage to jelly shoes — a statement fashion piece in the Y2K era. Jelly nails feature a sheer, ultra-glossy wash of color to give them their jelly-like appearance. 

Kawajiri created two different jelly nail looks for the Met Gala: a custom-mixed gray glitter look for Iris Law and a yellow pointy nail look for Amelia Gray. 

Ganzorigt created a shimmery peek-a-boo manicure with a jelly-like finish for Mindy Kaling. 

To add an elegant touch to the jelly nail look she created for Jessica Biel, Elle Gerstein (@enamelle) added chrome leaves. 

For a more elevated take on the trend, Goldstein created a sheer black nail with black micro French tips and flower crystals for Tessa Thompson. She took a similar route with Simone Ashley's sheer navy blue nails, which featured gunmetal elongated crystals to match the crystal details of her dress. 

Gemstones/Rhinestones Nails

Every minimalist look has its maximalist counterpart, and we saw that through gemstones. 

Some nude styles, as we mentioned above, featured some simple gems/rhinestones to add a bit of pizazz to the overall look. But, we specifically want to focus on the larger than life glam rocked at the Met Gala, and there's no one better at creating those styles than Temeka Jackson (@customtnails1). 

She created a lengthy, coffin-shaped mani for Lil Nas X with a diagonal design featuring a nude base, chrome center and black tip. The final look is embellished with bling and charms. The look paired well with his outfit of choice, which was adorned in 50,000 Swarovski Crystals. 

Jackson created water drip nails for Taraji P Henson that feature XL Sculpted Stiletto tips with a custom glitter mix, a nude base and custom 3D flowers and gems for a statement nail look that sparkles and shines. 

PIKA (@theguythatdoesnails) also reached for the rhinestones, creating a nail look for Teyana Taylor that features red and silver gems on a nude/pink base to compliment her gorgeous rose-red gown. 

Nin (@sreyninpeng) created a sparkling manicure for Queen Latifah that featured a black base, glitter and rhinestone accent nails. 

Sparkle/Glitter Nails

On a night like the Met Gala, you're going to need some sparkle. The best way to do so through nails? Glitter, of course! 

Bachik created Camilla Cabello's nail look for the gala to compliment and contrast her rose gold Ludovic de Saint Sernin gown. He opted for a sculpted square XXL shape and rose gold magnetic shimmer. 

Nguyen also brought the shimmer to the Met Gala with Gabrielle Union's sheer, iridescent manicure and Camila Mendes' sparkly pink manicure with 3D silver swirls. 

Chrome is another way to add some sparkle to nails, which is what Yoko Sakaura (@nails_by_yoko) opted to use for Lily Gladstone's nail look — an ombre with silver chrome and flash glitter tips finished with a few clear crystals.

No matter how you choose to style your client's nails this season, the Met Gala has provided plentiful options for inspiration! From florals to nudes to sparkles with gems and glitters, you can't go wrong with these statement nail looks! There's something for every client, the minimalist, the maximalist or someone who wants something a little in-between. 

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