Nail Art Tutorial: Sculpted Face

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2014 NAILPRO Cup winner Marina LoPresto created this design for the Fantasy Nail Art competition at Premiere Orlando 2014.

1 351. Using camouflage acrylic on a form, create a flat base for the face.

2 312. Add cheeks and the shape of the nose.

3 243. Build the mouth and chin.

4 224. Using the same color acrylic, add the ears and neck.

5 195. Using a darker acrylic (such as brown), place shadows for more dimension and add hair and eyebrows.


6 146. Use white acrylic and black gel to create the eyes.


Last 07. Add an accessory to the head, like a hat, or add detail to the character’s hair.


Final 58. Remove the piece from the form and add it your fantasy design.

[Images: Marina LoPresto]

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