China Glaze Desert Escape

Picture the sun dipping below the horizon, the full moon, shadowed sand dunes, and vibrant cactus blooms. Those are the images that inspired the China Glaze Desert Escape collection, which is out now.

The six modern and neutral hues include:

•    Meet Me in the Mirage: Brilliant rose gold metallic shimmer
•    What’s She Dune?: Tranquil sandy beige crème
•    Rain Dance the Night Away: Bright turquoise crème
•    Don’t Mesa With My Heart: Vibrant violet pink crème
•    Don’t Desert Me: Intense fuchsia pearl shimmer
•    The Heat Is On: Sunlit red-orange crème

These colors are also available in the China Glaze Desert Escape Nail Design Kits which include three Desert Escape shades and a bonus nail art item to create a variety of mesa-inspired looks.

[Images: China Glaze]

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