Nude Nails and Jewels at Eva Fehren


Lead manicurist Deborah Lippman created gorgeous nails for the recent Eva Fehren Spring/Summer 2015 presentation at New York Fashion Week. Says Lippman, “This presentation captivates the viewer with its re-creation of a 1940’s Vogue editorial in a modern way. With the pages coming to life, the models seem surreal, literally coming out of the wall; their hands adorned with geometric jewels. Eva expressed desire to play with darkness and light, using the contrast of shadowing and highlighting of planes to emphasize and sharpen angles, like the facets of cut gems. In collaboration with the makeup and hair looks, I used contouring as a muse for the shape and color of the nails.”

Get the Look:
1. Deborah contoured the nails using her Smooth Operator 4-way nail buffer, creating a slightly longer oval shape (tip used where necessary).

2. To prep the nail plate, she exfoliated the cuticle with her signature Cuticle Remover and then applied 2-Second Nail Primer to cleanse the nails and remove any excess oils or residue.

3. For the base, Deborah applied a coat of Gel Lab Base Coat and allowed 2 minutes of drying time prior to lacquer application.

4. Deborah then applied two coats of Shifting Sands, waiting 2 minutes between coats.

5. One stroke of Magic In the Moonlight (Barneys New York Exclusive) was applied vertically down the center of the nail to create a highlight contour, a modern version of the ombre.

6. After waiting 2 minutes to dry, one coat of Gel Lab Top Coat was applied to seal the nails and prevent chipping. The Wait Is Over quick dry drops were added as a finishing touch to ensure faster drying time.

7. For added hydration, The Cure and Rich Girl SPF 25 Hand Cream were massaged into the hands and cuticles, respectively.

[Images courtesy of Siren PR, Deborah Lippmann]

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