Nail Art Tutorial: Watercolor Nail Art

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Learn how to create a beautiful watercolor nail design with technique tips from Sarah Elmaz of Get Buffed!

Products and Tools:
Acrylic paints
Small art brush
Polish and top coat
Art Palette
Dry pad to wipe brush


Step1 0

1. Paint nail with a pale or neutral color. (If using regular polish make sure it is very dry. If using gel wipe off inhibition layer).

Step2 0
2. Place a small blob of acrylic paint on palette and add about 5-6 drops of water to make it quite watery.
Step3 03. Dab circular drops all over the nail. Step4 04. Allow a few minutes for them to dry. Make sure to dry your brush on the pad. Step55. Now lightly remove the excess liquid from the dots with your brush, until you are left with a light ring/circle.
Step 6
6. Keep layering with different colors, until you are happy with the effect.

Step7 07. Allow it to dry.

Step88. Add top coat and embellishments.

Full Hand

Find Sarah’s nails online:
Instagram: @getbuffednails

[Images: Sarah Elmaz]

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