Nail Art Tutorial: Night Walk

Night Walk Feat 1

Take a delightful evening stroll with Marina Krikunenko, instructor at Training Studio NailDesign, a school for nail professionals located in Kiev, Ukraine, founded by Nataliia Iakubchuk. Marina has won multiple metals for her nail art in nail competitions including the Olympic Nail Competition, Kiev Cup Open and the Championship of Ukraine.

Check out Marina’s step-by-step instructions for creating her nail art look Night Walk!Marina K
1. Model nails with modern oval shape.
2. With dark green gel polish from Magnetic draw French tip, leaving diagonal stripe without paint. Polymerize in UV-lamp for about 2 minutes or in LED-lamp about 30 seconds. Next Paint diagonal stripe with light green gel polish from Magnetic. Polymerize in UV-lamp or in LED-lamp.

Nw33. Remove tacky layer with Finishing Wipe by Magnetic. Polish modeled nail with Magnetic Smooth Operator 100/180 grit. With white acrylic paint,  drawing outline for white square, checkered path. Fill in some of the squares with white.
4. With black paint create street lamp. Using light yellow paint, create the light in the lamp. Cover with Magnetic Top Coat Matte. Polymerize in UV-lamp about 2 minutes. Remove tacky layer.

Nw55. With white acrylic powder by Magnetic, decorate design with bow. With black acrylic powder add volume to the lamp.

Untitled 06. On the middle finger, add the silhouette of a cat. Give him volume using  acrylic molding. With white acrylic powder, add lace to the design on nails.

[Images courtesy of Training-Studio NailDesign, Nataliia Iakubchuk]

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