Nail Art Tutorial: Squares Manicure

Mars Squares

MARS the Salon shares tips for creating a summery square geometrical design. This look is perfect for the client who wants something unique for an accent nail or use the technique on multiple nails. When your client makes an appointment for nail art, you can tell her to be there and be square!

1. Apply a base coat.

2. Apply a white nail polish on the thumb.
3. Apply a yellow nail polish on the index and ring fingers.
4. Apply a green nail polish on the middle finger.
5. Apply dark blue nail polish on the pinky finger.

6. Draw white square shapes on the index finger by using a thin art brush.
7. Draw the same white square on the ring finger.

8. Draw lines on the outside and inside of the white squares with a navy nail polish on the index and ring finger.

9. Apply a top coat.

[Image courtesy of MARS the Salon]


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