Nail Art How To: Nails Thru Time

Nails Thru Time

Take a trip back in time through the decades with nail art that captures the mood of the ages.

Here we’ll showcase the 60’s through the 00’s with 10 nail art how to’s!

And you can send us your nail art that you think will define the 2010’s!


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Psychedelic colors and styles ruled the late 60’s as the hippie movement expanded the counter culture through music and other entertainment.

The 1950’s had poets and folk musicians called “beatniks,” so the hippies, as part of the anti-war movement, took the name “peaceniks” and donned flowers and peace symbols.
“Peacenik” nail art how to »

Tie-dye got its name for the original process of taking cloth and tying it with rope, then dipping it into colored dye, which would create the unique patterns. Here we use brush strokes to capture that colorful look!
“Cool” nail art how to »

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The 1970’s is often considered the era of excess where anything-goes, especially in fashion.

Elvis, finally free of his 60’s film contracts, was able to break his old persona of 50’s rock legend and donned his legendary glammed-out jumpsuits.
“The King” nail art how to »

In the 70’s, jungle animal prints were everywhere from clothing to interior decor. This was also the time Jeff Pink, the founder of Orly, popularized what became known as the “French manicure.”
“Animal Print French” nail art how to »

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The 80’s broke away from the Earth tones of the 70’s to be big, bright and definitely neon!

Disco was dead and ax-men ruled the electronic sounds of the 80’s. Electric guitars with larger-than-life musicians fronted the bands that filled the airwaves.
“Screamin’ Ax” nail art how to »

Art and style were influenced by stark lines and vivid colors. No artist better embodied the 1980’s than Patrick Nagel.
“Nagel Know-How” nail art how to »

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The end of the century was full of retro looks with modern twists.

Goth moved from the punk scene of the 80’s into its own movement by the 1990’s with the influences of Anne Rice, Tim Burton and the new worldwide success of The Cure.
“Skull & Sparkle” nail art how to »

The 90’s also saw a resurgence in 1940’s era Big Band and Swing music, lead by Brian Setzer, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Squirrel Nut Zippers, creating the rockabilly subculture where women could be feminine in an alternative style.
“Pucker Up” nail art how to »

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After the panic of Y2K subsided, the 2000’s launched into a new computer age.

Pixar emerged from the 90’s as the top computer animation studio in Hollywood, and found huge success with “Finding Nemo” in 2003.
“Just Keep Swimming” nail art how to »

Apple Computers was now “Mac” and promptly took over the electronics market where the infamous lower case “i” defined the decade, starting with the innovative “iPod”
“Tune-Tastic” nail art how to »

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What styles and trends do you think will define the 2010’s?

Email us photos of your nail art that you think best captures the 10’s! We’ll be posting the images online!(please include your full name with your pictures so we can credit you!)

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