Nail Art Tutorial: Fierce Cat Nails

Fierce Cat Feat

Create fierce cat nails for your clients with tips from Nataliia Iakubchuk. Natalia is the founder of Training Studio NailDesign, a school for nail professionals located in Kiev, Ukraine. Nail specialists from all over the world travel to Iakubchuk’s school for advanced training and professional development. She is also the author of several nail art books including Nail Art Techniques and 3D Design and Magic Art of Nataliia Iakubchuk. Check out Nataliia’s steps for this edgy feline manicure look!

Nataliia Iakubchuk
1.Use black gel polish Magnetic to draw french tip nails. Completely cover nail of middle finger with the black polish. Polymerize in UV-lamp about 2 minutes or in LED-lamp about 30 seconds.
Untitled22. Cover nail with Top Gel Matte finish Magnetic. Polymerize in UV-lamp about 2 minutes. Remove tacky layer with Finishing Wipe by Magnetic.

3. With white acrylic nail art paint, draw the outline of a cat.  Then with grey acrylic nail art paint, define the nose and add bright spots. Untitled44. Using red acrylic nail art paint, mix different shades from light pink to brown. Paint the mouth of the cat with the red paint mix. Use yellow paint to draw the eyes.

Untitled4 0
5. With white and grey acrylic nail art paint, add details such as putting glare on the nose, teeth and eyes. 
6. With black acrylic nail art paint, draw pattern on the nail plate of the index and ring finger.

7. With beige acrylic nail art paint continue to add details on black free edge. Then draw double thin lines on the nail plate.
Untitled78. Finish design with top-gel Matte Finish by Magnetic. Polymerize in UV-lamp for about 2 minutes. Remove tacky layer with Finishing Wipe. With Supreme Finish top gel, add to matte texture design with glossy lines. Use Supreme Finish top gel to add texture to eyes, nose and teeth. This creates an emotional effect for the animal. Finish with top gel, polymerizing in UV-lamp for about 1.5 minutes.

[Images courtesy of Nataliia Iakubchuk]

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