Are UV Lamps Safe?

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The Journal of Investigative Dermatology released a new study concluding that UV lamps are in fact safe and do not increase the risk of getting skin cancer. The publication compared UV rays from three popular brands of nail lamps to phototherapy devices used in dermatology treatments. The results: In order to develop a significant risk of exposure, a salon client would need to use UV nail lights weekly for 250 years. And as much as we love manicures, that just isn’t possible.

A 2010 study – which also concluded that UV lamps do not result in an increased risk of developing skin cancer – compared lamps to sunlight. The two, however, do not release the same kind of emission. “Comparing UV nail lamps to sunlight isn’t comparing apples to apples, because sunlight is more dangerous than UV lamps,” explains Doug Schoon, co-chair of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) Nail Manufacturers Council on Safety.  

Robert Sayre, the world’s leading photobiologist and creator of the SPF system, has also finished an investigation into the connection between lamps and cancer. He has confirmed that UV lamps do not put users at risk of getting skin cancer. The verdict is clear: Curing is here to stay!

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