Aerovex Healthy Air™ Ventilation Systems

Now there is a way to keep all germs, acrylic vapors, gel dusts, hair treatment chemicals, and other pollutants out of the air in your salon. The Aerovex Healthy Air™ Source Capture Ventilation System for Nail Salons and the Healthy Air™ Source Capture Ventilation System for Safer Keratin Hair Treatments are quiet ventilation systems that were designed at MIT especially for the beauty industry. Each Healthy Air™ nails source capture system can affordably service two nail stations using technology that works on multiple levels to keep both techs and stylists safe. 

Carbon, in conjunction with an energy field, helps to hold and trap pathogens and chemical vapors in the filter so they can be absorbed and decomposed. Not only that, Aerovex has teamed up with Healthy Air™, Inc., which means their new systems surpass OSHA requirements and include a efficient eHEPA filtration unit, easy-to-change activated carbon filter, brand new electronic control panel, and a built-in LED light at the center of the capture hood. Together, they combat even harsh pollutants and keep salon professionals safe from dangerous chemicals.

Watch these videos to learn more:

New Healthy Air Slim Nail Salon Source Capture System:

Healthy Air Nail Salon Source Capture Ventilation System

How To Ventilate Your Nail Salon Nails Source Capture System Slim Unit:Learn more by visiting

Aerovex2All Healthy Air™ Nails Source Capture Systems are portable with built-in wheels and feature an electronic control panel.

Modern Salon Shots 2Notice how the Healthy Air™ Chemical Source Capture System for hair salons takes Brazilian keratin treatment fumes away from the stylist’s and client’s breathing zone.

[Images: Aerovex]

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