The Silk’n Pedi Removes Thick Calluses

Some clients have calluses so severe that your manual rub-down with a foot file just isn’t enough. That’s why Silk’n created the Silk’n Pedi callus remover, allowing you to safely and painlessly smooth away tough calluses. This compact device features a rotating roller to treat uncomfortable and unpleasant calluses and leave clients with pretty, touchable feet.

How to use it:
1. Make sure the skin is dry before treatment (not damp).
2. Prepare a surface (towel, etc.) to ensure an easy clean-up process.
3. Press the safety button down and then move the slide switch up to the on position. The roller will now start to rotate.
4. Apply the roller slowly and carefully to the callus to be removed. Only little pressure is needed – do not treat longer than two to three seconds.
5. To switch off the device, slide the button down.
6.  For best results apply body lotion, oil or cream to the skin for a Silk’n smooth finish.

Check it out here:

[Images: Pierce Mattie Communications]

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