ArtPro Nail Art Printer Set to Launch in UK

This nail art printer has had so much success in America and Asia that it’s now coming to the UK! At the Birmingham NEC on May 18, 2014, ArtPro Nail UK will launch the ArtPro Digital Nail Art Printer.

The state-of-the-art V6.1 desktop and V7+ portable microprocessor nail art printers can print any image whatsoever – be it a photo from a clients’ phone, a pattern to match an outfit, or a favorite cartoon character – on to both artificial and natural nails. This incredible gadget has over 700 unique built-in designs, the capability to instantly accept new pattern uploads via USB, and a camera for real-time photo shots!

Visit their website to find out more:

Season 1 ChanelV6 1 W2

V7 B2

[Images: ArtPro]

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