CND Paradise Collection For Summer 2014


If you’ve been swooning over the Open Road Collection recently as much as we have, then you’ll be happy to know that there is more CND heading your way! This month, CND is launching their Paradise Collection for summer – and it’s all the bright rainforest hues your clients will be clamoring for during the warm months. And as per usual, CND hasn’t limited themselves to a single product. The vibrant new shades will appear in Shellac, Vinylux, Additives, and Scensations.

Cnd Vinylux Paradise CollectioWe can almost taste the candy-like colors of Shellac and Vinylux! From left to right: Bicycle Yellow, Electric Orange, Sultry Sunset, Lush Tropics, Cerulean Sea, and Tango Passion.

Cnd Additives Paradis
Additives colors from left to right: Sizzling Sand (glitter), Tropic Sunrise, Island Heat, Pink Lotus, and Midnight Tide.

Cnd Scentsations Trio Paradise 2014?Scensations tropical flavors left to right: Jasmine Haze, Sunset Bloom and Tropical Twist.

[Images: CND]

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