Fashion Week: Morgan Taylor’s Sponged Jewel Tones

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Diego Binetti featured very earthy fabrics: Native American blanket coats, nature-inspired prints, and loose low-slung skinny pants that all had a relaxed, but fashionable feel. Nails were not forgotten, either. Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer lead stylist Danielle Candido created four unique looks that mimicked the colors and texture of fall leaves. The first two featured lighter colors for the base color of the nail, and a darker tone sponged around the outside edge. The latter two mix up and reverse a traditional ombre tip.

Colors used (above): Man Of The Moment and Denim Du Jour

Dsc 4128Colors used: New School Nude and Espresso Yourself

Dsc 4148Colors used: Totally A-Tealing, Expresso Yourself and Little Black Dress


Dsc 3975Colors used: Man Of The Moment, Expresso Yourself and Little Black Dress

[Images: Morgan Taylor Lacquer]

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