Nail Art Tutorial: Pearl and Rhinestone Holiday Nail Design

Holiday Nails

Nail artist Rosa Vargas shares a holiday nail design perfect for adding a little sparkle to your holiday outfit! Here’s how to get the look:

Products Used:

China Glaze White on White
Sinful Black Polish
White Pearls (various sizes)
Silver rhinestones (various sizes)

1. Shape the nail into a medium sized stiletto. Smooth off the point.
2. Polish the nails white and black as shown in the above photo.

Pinky Nail
3. Add medium sized pearls to the pinky finger.
Pointer Finger
4. Add rhinestones to the pointer nail.
5. Create an abstract design on the middle finger by following the steps shown in the following photos.



Holiday Nails
6. Add assorted sized pearls to the ring finger.  Tip: Add pearls while polish is still wet to help keep the pearls in place.

7. Seal all nails with top coat to add shine.


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