Oxygen Preps to Start TV Show Based Solely on Nail Art

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A TV show about nail art? Honestly, it doesn’t surprise us considering how popular nail designs have gotten recently. Even with the mani cam now on red carpets, it seems there is still a huge demand for decked out nails on television. To entertain and educate the masses, Oxygen has announced that they’ve gotten the green light to create a new reality show.

On the show, the best nail artists from around the country will compete in challenges using all types of nail products — gels, polish, studs, lace, rhinestones, and even more unusual “surprise” materials — to achieve the most creative designs they can and earn the satisfaction of their clients. Each episode will include two nail art challenges and contestants will do their best to avoid being eliminated. The winner will be the last artist standing!

Would you tune in to or compete on a show like this? Let us know!

[Image: Ettennae Perez-Vargas, NP user: ettennae]

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