Nail News: Twinkle Nail Product Lights Up With Phone Calls and Texts


If you’re a tech-savvy nail tech, keep your eye on a new product launching soon from Chahoo Ltd. of Korea. Twinkle Nail is as thin as regular acrylics, applies to one nail, and lights up when the wearer receives a text message or phone call. It also flashes to confirm payment via NFC apps like Google Wallet and blinks to show public transportation cards have been accepted to make boarding the bus or subway a more eventful experience.

The device does not require its own power supply; it uses radio waves to operate. It also is waterproof, so you can go about your day and wash your hands as normal. You can even apply polish or accessories over top the device, if you so choose. To operate, all you have to do is download the smartphone app that allows your phone to interact with the nail.

For both amusement (the first two minutes of the video is a highly exaggerated cartoon scenario), and more information (the second half of the video explains application), see Chemrich-Chahoo’s Twinkle Nail video on Youtube.

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[Image: Chahoo Ltd.]

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