Photo Gallery: CND Nails on the Runway at The Blonds

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You may have seen our backstage sneak peek at the many shiny tips from The Blonds, but now we have the full front seat look into the event, including up close images of some mind-blowing nail art by CND! The theme for the show was Tweety Bird, which inspired some blond round updos to mimic the cartoon character’s face. There were also a vast array of Tweety costumes, feathery boas, and large blue eyes painted on nails. Aside from that, the show incorporated an incredible array of rhinestones, foil, and 3D watch pieces in manicures for one of the most breathtaking nail art collections we’ve seen. Take a look through this photo gallery for what you may have missed!

[Images: Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for CND]

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