Nail Artist Q&A: “Nailed Down!” with Crystal Hernandez!

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Welcome to NAILPRO’s NAILED DOWN where we “nail down” the details of selected nail design artists from our User Galleries.

This week visit Winnemucca, Nevada!

Meet Crystal Starr Hernandez:






Where do you work?
I work at Electric Beach with owner Dorine Dory.


Tell us about yourself.
I am married to a hard working and loving husband, Carlos. We have two children, Angel Izaiah and Ahryahnna Skye.


How did you got started in the nail industry?
I have been doing nails since October 2012. I decided to do nails because I’ve always been artistic and have enjoyed decorating cakes and party planning. So I wanted to be able to express my art, make my own hours, and be my own boss. It turned out that I found my calling!


Who inspires your work?
My favorite (non 3D) artist is Robin Moses, I only wish I could paint that well!


Do you have any tool(s) you can’t live without?
With the product I use, which is an organic protein based gel, my go-to tool is actually a metal dental pick! I use it to add color on the nail and to form the C-Curve.


Do you have a favorite technique or style?
My favorite style of nail art is 3D art. It’s like adding the cherry on top 🙂


What is your funniest/craziest nail story?
The funniest thing that ever happened to me was when I was working alone at the salon. I was filing off my client’s nails and I had my vacuum on. Then all of a sudden we hear this man’s voice yell, “HELLO!!” My client and I both jumped in fear! We could not stop laughing at each other!


What tip can you offer to other nail technicians?
The only advice I can give other Nail Techs is don’t worry about what others say. Use all of that negativity to fuel your work and you will shine! 🙂


You can find Crystal Hernandez on the web:
In the NAILPRO User Gallery: First Year
Facebook: Nails by Crystal Starr

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