The San Francisco Collection From OPI

Opi San Francisco Collection Fall 2013

The San Francisco Collection is the title of the 2013 winter and fall lacquer lineup from OPI—with good reason. The polish hues are reminiscent of the many iconic scenes of the City by the Bay. If you left your heart in San Francisco, it will come fluttering back to life as soon as you put on one of these polishes.


A-Piers to be Tan complements many of the classic piers and wharfs in San Francisco. Its chocolaty warmth mixed with a subtle tan layer is so close to the color of the wood, that even the Pier 39 sea lions will give it a round of barking approval.

Nlf53 P A Piers To Be Tan

San Francisco is notorious for its fog, which is recreated in Haven’t the Foggiest. It’s a shimmery metallic sliver that luckily won’t burn off with the California sun.

Nlf55 P Havent The Foggiest

Keeping Suzi at Bay replicates the waters that encircle the city of San Francisco. It is a creamy blue that is as deeply colored as the waters themselves and almost as beautiful.

Nlf57 P Keeping Suzi At Bay

Peace, Love & OPI symbolizes one of the most quintessential times in the city’s history, the late 1960’s. With its tie-dye mixture of holographic sage and eggplant colors, your nails will look far out during the hazy nights of autumn.

Nlf56 P Peace Love And Opi

Finally, we touch upon the city’s crowning jewel, the Golden Gate Bridge. The scent of salt in the air can almost be smelled as though crossing the marvel itself when First Date at the Golden Gate is worn. The reddish-orange color shimmers as if it’s reflecting the light bouncing back from the roaring ocean below.

Nlf64 P First Date At Golden Gate

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By Nick Halaby


Dining Al Frisco

Nlf54 P Dining Al Frisco

Incognito in Sausalito

Nlf58 P Incognito In Sausalito

Lost on Lombard

Nlf59 P Lost On Lombard

I Knead Sour-Dough

Nlf60 P I Knead Sour Dough

Muir Muir on the Wall

Nlf61 P Muir Muir On The Wall

In the Cable Car-Pool Lane

Nlf62 P In The Cable Car Pool Lane

Embarca-Dare Ya!

Nlf63 P Embaraca Dare Ya

It’s All San Andreas’s Fault

Nlf65 P Its All San Andreass Fault

Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!

Nlf66 P Warf Warf Warf


Nlf67 P Alcatraz Rocks

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