Nail News: NSI Offers Support after Oklahoma Tornadoes

Nsi Story

After recent tornadoes hit the Oklahoma City area, many beauty professionals found themselves needing to rebuild their lives and businesses. Luckily, in a time where all hope could easily be lost, Malinda Haggerty, a resident of Oklahoma City and Director of Sales and Distributor Development for NSI, found her NSI family reaching out to offer support. Haggerty shares her uplifting story of how NSI offered a helping hand to her community and family in their time of need.

Haggerty explains, “The founder of the company called/texted me every day to check in and see how we were doing. The Director of International sales called and I was talking to her about not being able to find work boots. They immediately overnighted work boots and safety items to allow us to get into the community and help. A nail tech (and best friend) from Bettendorf, Iowa, took donations and DROVE down to help us in the relief efforts. People reached out to me from all over the world, it was amazing. My children go to Moore Public Schools and my husband is a teacher and coach in the district as well. The recent tornado hit blocks from where my husband and son were and we have so many of our friends and our kids’ friends that lost everything. NSI is not just a company it is a family and I don’t want it to go unnoticed.”

Image: Malinda Haggerty (left) and Kristi Spencer (right, NSI Educator) work at one of the homes that was destroyed. They are wearing the supplies provided to Haggerty by NSI.

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