Stunning Summer Nail Art


The sun especially illuminates nail art in the summer, so bright, intricate designs are a must for clients who want unique nail art. These professionals have a variety of backgrounds, but also a great amount of skill. The vast range of their summer-themed art will surely spark your imagination!

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This set of nails by Turquoise Nail Salon has a relaxed vibe perfect for a beach day.  You can read our “Nailed Down!” interview with Asami Sasaki here:  


[Image: Asami Sasaki; Nailrpro: soft-gel-design]

OPI Guest Nail Artist, Robert Nguyen, created this incredibly detailed beach scene manicure.


[Image: Robert Nguyen; Instagram: @nail_guy]

MesiaszCiszy is a talented nail artist known for her fantastical scenes. Check out her tutorial for these mermaid nails.

Mermaid 0

See more of her how-tos on her Youtube channel.

[Image: MesiaszCiszy; Nailpro user @MesiaszCiszy NailArt]

Nail tech Kelsey Collins came up with these sweet watermelon nails for a client.


[Image: Kelsey Collins; Instagram @kaycollins92]

Naomi, owner of Naomi Nails in the Netherlands, made these digits delightful with an assortment of fruit.


[Naomi Labyed; Instagram @Naominails]

Naomi also brought paradise to these nails, complete with palm trees and adorable parrots!


[Naomi Labyed; Instagram @Naominails]

Robert Nguyen went for a tropical theme with these purple hibiscus tips.


[Image: Robert Nguyen; Instagram: @nail_guy]

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