Valentino Beauty Pure Winner Announced

Valentino Bling Machine Bla 0Congratulations to the winner of the Valentino Beauty Pure and NAILPRO contest:

DesRae Meier Simmons
from Laurel, MT

DesRae received an at-the-source, 2-in-1 air purifier and dust collector covered in 7,500 Swarovski crystals, estimated to be worth over $2,500! It’s a great addition to any salon, and when it comes to this blinged out version, let’s face it, it’s just plain gorgeous!

DesRae’s name was announced on the Nail Talk Radio show from Premiere Orlando on Monday, June 6, 2011. If you missed the broadcast or would like to hear it again, go to the broadcast at

And if you’re interested in getting your own Valentino Beauty Pure purifier (without the crystals), log on to or call 888.390.4259.

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