Dark Gelish Nails for Kansas City Fashion Week

Pko Custom Nails High Res

Fashion designer Lauren Cram recently introduced a new line named VICTROLA based around the idea that there is a free spirit inside all of us waiting to be voiced. To complete the look, for Kansas City Fashion Week, Cram asked talented manicurist Paula Knight-Osborne, who has 23 years in the industry, to work her magic.

In the Garment District of Kansas City, Missouri, Knight-Osborne used Gelish colors from the Fall House of Gelish Collection and Winter Shadows Collection for a dark but feminine manicure. She invented a dark blend of crèmes and paired it with gold and silver striping to create a look that mirrored the “grunge-glam” of Cram’s line. 
Pko With Lauren Cram High Res
[Images: Gelish/Hand & Nail Harmony]
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