Nail Industry Q&A: “Beauty File” with Jessica Vartoughian

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Want to know the inside scoop on being the Founder and CEO of Jessica Cosmetics? We talked to Jessica Vartoughian, known as the “First Lady of Nails” and found out!
What was your first job ever?  After I graduated Hollywood Cosmetology School, I worked at the salon for Robinson’s Department Store in Beverly Hills.  If you could be anybody famous past or present, who would you be?  Estée Lauder. She made a timeless mark on the beauty industry and paved the way for women entrepreneurs. She was one of the first female immigrants to create the American success story. What was your childhood ambition?  Since I was very young, I wanted to be a psychiatrist. I’ve always been fascinated with people and what drives them. Working in the salon gave me the best of all worlds, as I have been a therapist behind the manicure table.  What is your proudest accomplishment? I have been very blessed in this life with my children, the ability to embrace wonderful cultures around the world, and for teaching my system to professionals in more than 48 countries. I am also very proud of the eight years when I traveled to the White House [to do nails] during the Reagan administration. What is your favorite type of music?  I enjoy many genres of music, but I truly love opera and jazz. I love Andrea Bocelli–listening to his beautiful music soothes the soul.  What’s your favorite movie?  I love Dr. Zhivago; it’s epic in its beauty and romance.  Describe the best set of nails you’ve ever seen.  Barbra Streisand has the most beautiful hands and nails. What was your most recent impulse buy?  I was scheduled to do seminars in Russia and Siberia and purchased a faux fur wrap. I can’t discuss nails without…  talking about filing and polishing. The art of filing and beautifully applying polish to the natural nail has been lost. 
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