Nail Art How To: Dragging for Lines

Flame NailsTechnique: Dragging

Step 1:Have your client wash her hands with soap and water while you do the same.

Step 2: Prep nails. Apply base gel and cure for the manufacturer’s suggested time.

Step 3: Apply black soak-off gel polish. Note: Look for a black that is highly pigmented and has full coverage. Cure.

Step 4: Dry brush the black gel. Some color may come off on your dry brush; wipe it clean. This step will make your flames more defined and keep them from spreading or sliding around.

Step 5: Choose a contrasting color and apply it over the black gel on the free edge only. Do not cure.

Step 6: Dip a pointed detail brush into gel cleanser. Slightly dab the excess onto your wipe, then drag the tip of the brush through the color on the free edge toward the cuticle, creating random flame shapes. Cure.

Step 7: Apply soak-off gel top coat. Cure.

Step 8: Remove the inhibition layer, then smooth any sharp edges and apply cuticle oil.

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