Nail Designs How To: LCN Backstage at the Kelly Faetanini Bridal Show

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Designer Kelly Faetanini showed feathered ombre for a twist on the traditional as well as layers of lace for a classic look – something for every bride’s special day. While eye-catching crystals and feathers may be ideal for the dress brides have always dreamed of, when it comes to the perfect manicure, simple makes chic. Backstage at the show, LCN Director of Education Michelle Davignon and LCN Brand Manager and Celebrity Manicurist Gino Trunzo created a most timeless manicure to complement the stunning swan-inspired collection. It’s an easy-to-replicate look meant to play a supporting role and is designed to ensure wedding day bliss. Get the look with these simple steps:

Step 1: Give nails the perfect shape (a ¼ long “squoval” is just right!) with a professional grade LCN Nail File.

Step 2: Brush on one coat of LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery for a base.

Step 3: Apply two coats of LCN Nail Polish in Nearly Nude for just a kiss of pale pink color.

Step 4: Remove excess nail polish from fingertips and cuticles with the LCN Polish Corrector Pen.

Step 5: Complete the manicure with one coat of the LCN Polish Seal (now this sweet touch of color will last through the honeymoon!)


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