Minxing it up on the Runway

Phillip Lim MinxFashion designers are always quick to push the envelope when showing their new collections on the runway. Designer Phillip Lim was no different when he sent his Menswear Spring/Summer 2012 collection down the runway. His collection, inspired by street cred and skateboard style featured all 29 of the male models sporting silver Minx nails.

Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan, co-founders of Minx, say they were thrilled to find out the designer had decided to use Minx on his models. “Since the launch of Minx, we’ve seen so many men go from not caring about their hands to become Minx devotees,” Goodwin says, “but this is the first time that Minx has been incorporated in a menswear collection. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

This isn’t the first time men have been spotted with Minx. Steven Tyler was seen wearing Minx on American Idol, as was Vanilla Ice during his recent stint on Dancing on Ice. With no need to worry about drying time or smudging, it seems that Minx is really taking off in the male market. Minx representative Phillipe Ardouin, who also wore Minx nails during the Phillip Lim show, isn’t afraid of being noticed. “I always wear at least one or two metallic Minx accents on my fingers,” he says. “So many people stop to ask me about it—I love the attention!” —Bekki Roth

Photo Credit: Philippe Ardouin

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