Water Marble Manicure

Ey EnailI attempted the water marbling technique the other night and yesterday practiced the application with my co-worker Stephanie Mills.

I checked out some tips to aid us in the process: Apply cuticle oil on the skin around the nail to ease the removal of polish post dunk; completely submerge the finger versus just tapping it; and shallow water in medium sized bowls (like cereal bowls) makes larger rings for better control when forming designs. Do NOT use a plastic cup or a shot glass unless you’ve perfected this marbling method. However, for some (cough, me), the shot glass may come in handy after several failed attempts.

If this concept is new to you, view the informative demo below from Kristina Estabrooks, educator for CND. She effortlessly demonstrates how to achieve a beautiful marble manicure—a fun and custom blended nail art technique that many clients are searching for.

Video courtesy of CND

As for Stephanie and I, well, we shall admire your work and visit one of you for our next water marble experience. Some things require an expert’s touch.

—Megan James

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