Hello Kitty Nails

Wp 001436 0I find myself recollecting on childhood memories. This is probably due to having a birthday this Saturday. My parents were the first to send a birthday card—a Hello Kitty birthday card! Kitty White—better known as Hello Kitty— stirs up many fond memories. As a young girl I had a respectable collection of Hello Kitty treasures: Erasers, the coolest pens, notepads, purses, little jewelry tins and candy were adored (that gum is still the best ever!). These gems were hard to come by back in the day. Now, with the resurgence of her character, young girls and the young at heart can collect much more frequently. She works for multiple generations, kind of like Madonna. Ooh, Madonna inspired nails would be fun. Anyway…

I figured since I already did cupcake nails, I’d go with this theme for my birthday look. Plus, she and I are the same age. You can check out more about Ms. White at www.hellokittyuniverse.com.

You’ll notice that in the picture with the birthday card, I had a black nail versus the cobalt blue. I was going for the 1980s classic version that I remembered but decided the blue looked better so used Throw me Something Purple Please from Misa, painted with Art Nails nail paint and brushes and topped nails off with a rainbow and polka dots with the help of Stripe EZ art pens.

Birthdays have a way of reminding me to appreciate the small things in life. And that’s one of the reasons I love nail art—a mini portrait of a favorite memory can make your day and almost make you forget how old you’re turning on certain birthdays. I said almost!

— Megan James

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