Naked Nails: Nail Armor

Naturalnails Nailtreatments

No one wants inflexible, splitting and peeling nails. That’s where natural nail strengtheners come in: They encourage and facilitate nail growth and development. Using the correct treatment for your client’s problem area, these products—applied directly to the lunula—give naked nails the characteristics they crave.

Orly International • 800.275.1111 • Tough Cookie Dry, brittle and sensitive nails get respite with this natural strengthening base cost with African Okoume tree extract.

LCN • 800.86.NAILS • Diamond Power Toughen nails up with one of the hardest substances known to man: diamonds. The gems' dust in this hardener makes it perfect for weak, thin and brittle nails.

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Nail Tek • 631.366.0500 • Hydration Therapy Simply brush on this treatment to gain strength and flexibility for nail plates using pure water for natural moisture balance.

Soft Touch • 800.237.7229 • Overcoat Add strength, protection and shine to natural nails with this coating system for a durable barrier.

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