Another Year of Excellence for NAILPRO

ArtattackThe artistic and writing creativity of over 400 magazines were put to the test at the Western Publishing Association’s 58th Annual Maggie Awards, which were held in Los Angeles on April 24th. The Maggie Awards, known as “the Oscars of the magazine industry,” honor both print and electronic magazines for excellence in editorial and artistic design. Although the competition was fierce, NAILPRO proved to be a tough cookie and impressed the judges with its article, “Art Attack,” from the June 2008 issue. The article was a combination of exceptional writing and artistic creativity from Karie L. Frost (writer), Cory Sorensen (photography), Brooks Ayola (art photography), and Jaison Duell Wilson (digital illustrations/retouching), which brought home an award for the Best Color Editorial Layout for a Trade Publication.
The winning article highlighted the hottest nail polishes of the season through the innovative use of familiar artistic styles, such as pop art, surrealism, graffiti and more. Using the canvas as the backdrop for some of the trendiest nail lacquers, the unique designs and colors jumped from the pages captivating the reader with its bold personality and individualism. It was a flawless combination of contemporary art, clever photography and inventive writing that won over the judges. —Julia Sheveleva, NAILPRO intern

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