How-To: 4 Popular Halloween Nail Designs

Black french tip manicure
Black french tip manicure
Nail art courtesy of Lilly Rojas

Lilly Rojas, co-founder of NYC’s first indoor/outdoor nail salon and wine bar Lili and Cata, shares the four most popular nail trends to try this Halloween and how to create each look! 

Mummy nail artMummy nail artCourtesy of Lilly RojasMummy Nails

Start out with a neutral color for the base. Then, add white lines going different ways throughout the nail to create the bandages. Go in and dot the two eyes with black polish. Finish it with either a glossy or matte top coat. 

   Ghost nail artGhost nail artCourtesy of Lilly Rojas

 Ghost Negative Space Nail 

Polish clear base on the nail. Then, polish with a white  French tip color, and paint a ghost-like figure at the tip of the nail. Add eyes and a wiggly mouth with a black color. Finish it with either a glossy or matte top coat. 

Blood drip manicureBlood drip manicureCourtesy of Lilly Rojas

Blood Drip Nails 

This can be done with blood dripping from the cuticle area or the other way around coming from the free edge.  You can create this look with a liner brush alone or with a dotting tool and brush. You start with your base color and move on to polishing with the blood color of your choice. You dot  — or place where you want your drip to be with nail art liner brush  — then drag the color to the free edge or cuticle area, and polish there. Go back to the drip, and round it out. You repeat these steps with each "blood drop," and top it off with your glossy or matte top coat.

Black French tipsBlack French tipsCourtesy of Lilly Rojas

 Black French Tips 

This look is your typical French manicure but with black  colored tips for a more trendy look. This design looks great with any nail length. It can also be done on four nails per hand. You can add one of the above looks to the last nail to complete the set. Finish it with either a glossy or matte top coat. 

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