8 Top Nail Trends for 2024

In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular nail art trends of 2024. Follow the following trends and make them your own. Your clients will love you for it!
In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular nail art trends of 2024. Follow the following trends and make them your own. Your clients will love you for it!
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If you are wondering what nail designs are trending right now, look no further. This year, nail techs are showing their nail art skills like never before. The current trends are so fun and creative! In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular nail art trends of 2024. Follow the following trends and make them your own. Your clients will love you for it!

1. Balletcore

Balletcore NailsBalletcore Nails@gelicanailedit

The aesthetic is hyper-feminine and takes its influence in the world of ballet with the clothes that dancers wear during both performances and when they are training. For nails, we mimic this fashion trend by creating designs that have bows, tulle, ballet shoes and leg warmers. This aesthetic can be seen on some of the biggest fashion runways this year.

2. Aquarium Nails

Aquarium NailsAquarium Nails@setsbylotus

Aquarium nails are so fun! This is an oldie but a goodie that us nail techs have modernized and made our own. We used to literally make nails that looked like an aquarium fish tank with sea shells and fish, but now you see nail techs filling up aquarium nails with chunky glitters and even food items like Coca Cola. The idea is to fill them up with your favorite glitters, then you can even create a design on top incorporating the moving glitter/water effect. The creative possibilities are endless, and you can execute these nails in many fun and different ways.

3. 3D Gel Nails

3D Gel Nails3D Gel Nails@nailzz_by_kat

3D gel nail art is created by using 3D sculpting gel. With 3D sculpting gel, the sky is the limit on what you can create. I’m seeing a lot of techs use it for creating 3D accent nails. It’s being used to make the whole design pop, giving a more realistic vibe to nail sets. Some of the most popular 3D designs I’ve seen are a fun Playdoh nail swirl effect to more extreme works of art like creating a whole birthday cake on a nail or a handbag. You can create animals, characters or food items — anything you can think of! This type of art takes skill and practice, but it’s well worth trying!

4. Character Art

Character NailsCharacter Nails@nails_by_dev

I’m seeing a lot of nail artists step their game up by perfecting their character art skills lately. This is being made easier by nail educators such as Devin Strebler (@nailz_by_dev) and @cali_yessi_nails, who are taking the time to teach the skill. Nailz by Dev goes live every week and shows nail artists a step by step on how to draw difficult characters. By simplifying and breaking the characters down into shapes and giving tips and tricks about technique, she makes learning characters more attainable than ever before. Learning this skill can increase your income tremendously .

5. Chain Nails

Chain NailsChain Nails@anouskaanastasia

The use of chains on a nail is another oldie but goodie. It has emerged back into prominence after nail tech @anouskaanastasia posted this nail pic on her Instagram, and it went super viral! This picture was sent to me over and over to try to replicate. Replicating this look is easy, but it just takes a little patience and precision!

6. Aura Nails

Aura NailsAura Nails@martini_nailz Inspired by: @dxpper.acrylics

Aura nails are still set to be one of the biggest trends of 2024. It gained popularity last year and has remained very popular. This year, artists are incorporating new shades and even more color combos. My favorite thing to do is to add simple 3D effects and rhinestones to aura nails to add extra texture. You can execute an aura nail in many different ways such as using a makeup sponge to dab the desired color in the middle of the nail to create a gradient, by using an airbrush or by using pigment powders. Either way you choose to do it, the results will turn out so seamless and beautiful.

7. Chrome Embellished Mani

Chrome-embellished manicureChrome-embellished manicure@bbtnailz

It’s looking like chrome nails are also here to stay! Chrome nails of all shades are trending, but I have still been seeing a lot of silver and opal shades. Techs are also taking chrome a step further by adding texture to their chrome nails. To add texture, you can use 3D gel, rhinestones, spikes, pearls, etc. Just think texture, texture, texture!

8. Cat Eye Nails

41132843 Ef3 E 4 F14 B1 Cc C02882 D96 D9 F@nailsbyoddica

Nail artists are loving cat eye right now! However, we have added a twist that is different from the traditional diagonal cat eye design. Creating different shapes and finishes using magnets has become a major trend this year! For example, the magnetic heart trend is where you use a paper clip and magnet to create a heart shape on the nails. You can create many different designs using cat eye polish. It gives an amazing finish that looks like the texture of velvet.

About the Author:

Tina Zavala (@popstarnails_) is a licensed nail technician at Popstar Nails, her business in Louisville, Kentucky. She is also a nail educator, offering nail art workshops and nail classes for kids.

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