[VIDEO] Make More Money With A Better Booking App

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Does your booking app have all of the features that you need it to? Does your booking app give you multiple images to display each service, for free? Is there a deposits mandatory option for clients to secure their appointment? Does it have quantifiable add-ons? Does it require your cancellation and no show fees to be acknowledged before payment? Is it customizeable? If you answered NO to any of these questions, check out this Tutorial Tuesday video from Chairwatch.

In this video, go with us through the features that you can offer your clientele during the booking process to ensure seamless booking, no double booking, sufficient time for all services and great customer service.

Make Booking Easy

During the flow of booking, clients are able to select the service that they want. They'll also see:

A. Multiple beautiful images of the service,

B. How long the service will take,

C. How much it will cost and what the deposit will be, and

D. Which DAYS of the week the service is available.

E. They can also at this time select add-ons such as nail art and nail repair.

Clients will see how long each of these add-ons take and how much they will cost. They can even select a the quantity of a specific add-on example "broken nail fix" x2 added the main service.

The clients can also make a recurring appt. or request an travel appointment if you set service as "travel enabled." The cancellation fees, no-show fees and rules must be accepted before they go to book a service. Within the payment process clients can add a promo code if available and can select the suggested tips before proceeding with their cards on file. Their request for that service can be confirmed, rejected, canceled or edited.  

Customize Add-Ons

Since we all know that no service is complete without add-ons, Chairwatch allows for nail technicians to customize their add-on menu. You can copy add-ons already created and add them to other services, or you can create new add ons. Set the exact price and time you need to complete that add on. You can also decide whether this add-on is an option is quantifiable, meaning your clients can select more of that specific add-on.

Share Openings

Do you have an opening that you need filled. No problem, with Chairwatch. You can go to edit daily agenda, select the day and time that you want and share it with a link to your clients. When the client selects your link, they will only be able to select services that fall in the availability time you have identified, eliminating double booking for your opening.

Make Squeeze-ins Lucrative

Chairwatch has an amazing squeeze-in feature, where a client can book a time with overlap for an extra fee for your trouble. Just go to your business settings, go to pricing and identify how much your squeeze in fee will be. So, when the client would like to squeeze themself into an appt that may be a bit short on time, as long as it falls within the overlap parameters that you have selected, they can book that service by paying the Squeeze-in Fee. *This feature is optional


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