Are You Ready to Call Yourself a Nailpro Master?

The one-of-a-kind Nailpro Master Challenge is back for 2024 with all new challenges. Check it out and consider attending to call yourself a Nailpro Master!
The one-of-a-kind Nailpro Master Challenge is back for 2024 with all new challenges. Check it out and consider attending to call yourself a Nailpro Master!

Are you creative? Would you consider yourself to be a master at your craft? Do you love the opportunity as a nail technician to come up with new designs on the spot? If you said yes to any of these questions, you are exactly who we are looking for.

Dsc 6894 (1)The Nailpro Master Challenge is a nail competition like no other, where competitors do not know what products they are working with until they begin, pushing them to their creative limits. Returning to The Nailpro Nail Show on Sept. 8-9, 2024, The Nailpro Master Challenge is offering brand-new categories this year, including a new online challenge.

The five challenges this year for the Nailpro Master Challenge are: 3D Nails, Black Tie Affair, Creative Chrome, Sculpted Shapes and Out Of This World Nails (Online). Many of these challenges were inspired by the theme for the 2024 Nailpro Nail Show, Next Gen Beauty. Competitors for each of these categories will be given a kit for their challenges that they cannot open until right before they start. 

3D Nails

3 H7 A3607 (1)3D nail art has been trending in the nail community for years now, and we are seeing nail technicians come up with new, innovative 3D nail art every day. This challenge plays with texture, color and optics to bring nail designs into the future. Will competitors create seashells, bows, flowers, ripples, candy, sweater art or something else? Only their creativity will limit them! Competitors will have 40 minutes to complete a 3D design of their choosing on a set of five tips. 

Black Tie Affair

Clients often visit their salons for a nail set for a special occasion. Is it their wedding, are they going to a gala or are they just looking for nails for a night out? The Black Tie Affair challenge brings this category to life using sparkle and neutrals to create sophisticated but dazzling nail art. Competitors will have 40 minutes to complete a manicure using neutrals, metallics, glitters and shimmer on one hand of a live model (Model will be provided by Nailpro). 

Creative Chrome

Chrome is a popular request in the nail salon, but how often are nail techs challenged with being creative with their chrome? This challenge does just that, inspiring innovative nail techs to use chrome in fun and unique ways. Incorporate it into texture, do a chrome French or a chrome design. Their options are limitless. Competitors will have 40 minutes to do a design using chrome on a set of five tips.

Sculpted Shapes

3 H7 A4607 (1)Almond, stiletto, square, squoval–every client has their favorite nail shape. This challenge has nail technicians creating their favorite shape on one hand of a live model while under time pressure constraints. We can’t wait to see their skills take shape! Competitors will have 45 minutes to sculpt five nails on a live model with acrylic (Model will be provided by Nailpro). 

Out of This World Nails (Virtual)

Brand new this year is our online category, out of this world nails. To bring this year’s show theme, Next Gen Beauty, to life, Nailpro is challenging nail techs to come up with their most creative universe/galaxy-inspired nail set. This is a virtual challenge, so competitors will submit photos and a video of five “out of this world” tips.

Get Creative

If you have considered entering a nail competition, but are looking for something different? This is it. Last year, we were amazed by the creativity we saw in the Nailpro Master Challenge, and we can't wait to see what competitors come up with this year! There are first, second and third place awards for each category, and winners will be announced live at the Nailpro Nail Show and streamed live on Nailpro's Instagram (@nailpromagazine). Winners will receive an award, a monetary prize and a feature in Nailpro magazine.

So, are you ready to call yourself a Nailpro Master? Registration will open soon. Put yourself on the list for updates at

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